Moon & Cards Forecast

Free Energy Forecast for the Lunar Phases

What is Moon and Cards?

Moon and cards began it’s life as a daily live event on The Magickal Creatrix Facebook page.

Using the current phase, zodiac sign , Moon energy and tarot card draw I talk about navigating the day ahead.

Moon and Cards has now evolved and is not longer daily but every 3-4 days when the Moon changes phase, which it does eight times in every cycle.

How to get your FREE Moon and Cards Forecast

I still host Moon and Cards live on The Magickal Creatrix Facebook page. but now you can also get the forecast straight to your inbox every 3-4 days.

Get your Email Forecast

In each email you get:

  • Moon phase and Moon sign scope
  • Tarot card draw for the current phase lasting 3-4 days
  • Information about other interesting astrological events
  • First access to new Moon content and updates