June 2022 Phases of the Moon

Moon Phase Energy for the Month of June 2022

There are 8 phases in a lunar cycle. Each lunar phase has a specific energy or theme associated with it. It takes 29.53 days for the Moon to go through all eight phases of the lunar cycle, with each phase lasting approximately 3.7 days(All times and dates shown below are in UK Time). 

Waxing Crescent

Date: 3rd June @ 15:56

Start Moving Forward

This is a time to take action to make your goals and dreams come true. Start making forward movements with courage and faith, building momentum, and creating ripples and waves that will help you create those dreams.

First Quarter

Date: 7th June @ 15:48

Explore the Discomfort

Check back with your goals, dreams and wishes set at the New Moon and previous New Moons, and make sure you are still placing your energy and focus in the right places. Where there is discomfort, friction or frustration, use this opportunity to move forward without your insecurities and fear taking hold.

Waxing Gibbous

Date: 11th June @ 06:43

Theme: Trust the Process

This is the time to trust. When we push too much, we can meet resistance, and sometimes we need to trust that the process is happening, even when we can’t recognise it. Explore the details, use your skills, and restore balance where needed.

Super Full Moon in Sagittarius 

Date: 14th June @ 12:51 UK Time

Position: @ 23.24 degrees in Sagittarius

Theme: Experience Cultural Expansion

The things that make us all different and unique are beautiful adventures to be experienced and explored. Venture out beyond what you know through a book, travel or connection, and broaden your horizons.

Waning Gibbous

Date: 17th June @ 17:71

Release & Let Go

As you witness the Moon letting go of her light in the sky, mimic this by releasing and letting go in your own life. Continue to say goodbye to the things that no longer serve you, while allowing yourself to welcome the new energy coming your way.

Last Quarter

Date: 21st June @ 04:10

Inner Conflict

This is the time where we are tested. Notice what is working, and what isn’t. It’s time to take responsibility for the decisions you have made and the actions you have taken. This is not proof that you made the wrong choice, but rather an opportunity to reaffirm what you have set out to do.

Waning Crescent

Date: 25th June @ 01:09

Slow Down

The energy of this phase is all about the ending of a cycle. We are in the final throes of letting go, releasing and creating space. But simultaneously, we are facing forward and getting excited for a new cycle to begin and the fresh adventure ahead. Slow down and allow yourself to prepare for the next lunar cycle.

Micro New Moon in Cancer

Date: 29th June @ 03:52 UK Time

Position: @ 07:22 degrees in Cancer

Theme: Create New Patterns of Thinking

Cancer is an emotional sign that feels everything, and this can have a big influence on the thoughts that repeat through your mind. If allowed to remain negative or challenging, these thoughts will control your life and keep you out of alignment with your goals and dreams. At the Cancer new Moon, you are encouraged to create new patterns of thinking based on how you want to feel, and remove your connection to negative and challenging narratives.