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…to take your spiritual lunar journey to the next level?

Level Up

Are you ready to take your spiritual lunar journey to the next level using the Moon as your guide?

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Are you drawn to working with the Moon but have no idea where to start?

Feel All The Feelings

Have you noticed how the Moon influences the way you feel during her cycle and would love to know more?

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Do you worry about conflicting information or getting things wrong and would benefit from monthly guidance and support?

About The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal….

Inside the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal I take you step by step through the themes and energies of every new and full Moon showing you how to tap into your own personal message to assist your spiritual growth and personal development.

The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal is you guide to brining the cycles of the Moon into your daily life so that you can change your life one cycle at a time without pressure or judgement. 


  • Being in flow with the lunar phases and the natural cycles of the planet
  • Understanding how the signs of the zodiac impact your life
  • Having a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want out of life
  • Using the energy of the Moon to create your best life
  • Being guided step by step with a supportive community to keep you on track

Right now...

…. the world needs us all to ‘do the work’ so that the results we see then ripple through the lives of those around us, helping and supporting them as we go.

The truth is, the more we do the internal work for ourselves the more we are helping and being of service to others. That’s just a fact!

Working with the Moon is all about the internal journey. She represents our emotions, reactions to stress, our darkness and our shadow.

As she goes through her phases she shines a light into those hidden areas of our lives so we can address them, work through them, challenge them, heal from them and move forward.

It’s not easy to do this work without any structure or organisation. But the Moon can help us with that.

Every new and full moon has a different energy and life theme to work with and that’s where the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal comes in.

What is the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal?


The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal is an online monthly membership club with private members area and online community support inside the private Facebook Group.


Each month I guide you through the weekly lunar energies giving you a heads up as to what to expect and how to navigate it no matter what.


At every new and full moon we deep dive into the theme we are being asked to work with. I share with you my guide to the energies, lunar astrology, journaling prompts, tarot and oracle card spreads, rituals, live events and much more. 

What makes the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal Special?

The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal is unique in that it encourages you to go deep and really work with your feelings, emotions, stress reactions, goals, dreams and wishes. I don’t just tell you what the lunar energies are about each much but show you how to find out what the lunar energies mean for you personally and how you can benefit from that.

Why join the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal?

By doing ‘the work’ in sync with the cycles of the Moon you will focus on a different area of your life each month and throughout your journey you won’t miss out those parts you don’t know how to deal with. 

With time you will naturally find yourself in sync with the lunar energies and the members often notice how they’re already setting goals for the next life theme before it even arrives. 

This is what it means to be in flow. 

Inside The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal

Weekly Moon Empowerment Portal Content

Every week the Moon is influencing us in different ways. As she moves through her cycles she encourages us to navigate our lives in different ways. 

Each week I share lunar updates to guide you through the lunar energies for the week ahead. 

What you can expect each week:
  • Lunar themes and energy guidance for the week ahead
  • Exclusive tarot and oracle card spread for the week ahead
  • Access to the private members area 
  • Access to the private Facebook Group and lunar community

Monthly New and Full Moon Content

Did you know that the energy, theme and guidance of each new and full moon is different? The new Moon encourages new beginnings and fresh ideas while the full Moon prompts us to find forgiveness and gratitude to help us move forward. 

And what’s more, every new and full Moon occurs in a different sign of the zodiac which in turn activates a part of our lives which is personal to us. 

Fascinating isn’t it?

What you can expect twice a month at each new and full Moon:
20+ page guide and workbook

One for each new Moon and each full Moon. Use the guide to take you through the lunar lessons of the month and explore the theme and energy through journaling and community support. 

New and Full Moon journaling

The journaling prompts at each new and full Moon help you explore the specific lunar energies based on the astrological sign under which it occurs. Journaling with the Moon support personal growth through exploration of your internal world. 

Exclusive Tarot & Oracle Card Spreads

I’m known for creating ‘kick ass’ spreads and my exclusive new and full Moon spreads are no exception! I design a spread for every new and full Moon, and no two spreads are the same. Each one takes you on a deep dive into the personal guidance and support at every new and full Moon. 

New Moon Live & Full Moon Live events

Before every new and full Moon I host a live online event inside the private Facebook group. I talk about the themes and energies you will experience and guide you through the content available to you. This is also your chance to ask me anything, so get your questions ready! 

Rituals for the New and Full Moons

Working with the Moon is a great time for ritual work including setting your new Moon wishes and practising forgiveness and gratitude at the full Moon. We take a close look at things to do at a new and full Moon with lots of suggestions to try out and enjoy

Access to the private members area

The private members area is your space to dive in and enjoy your monthly Moon content and bonus modules. 

Access to the private Facebook Group

The private Facebook group is your space to chat with other members of the Moon School, share your experiences and be supported and guided as we travel through the phases and the cycles of the Moon.

How much is it to join? 

The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal is a monthly subscription membership club. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly for your membership.

You get instant monthly access to The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal for just £9.98 per month with discounts available for three month, quarterly and yearly subscriptions

Have we met?….

Let me introduce myself….I’m Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix and Moon addict! 

A few years ago I decided that I needed to take my spiritual journey seriously and as someone who’d not yet found their place as far as belief systems and religion were concerned I had no idea where to start. 

So, I began with where my interests already were. I was fascinated by space, the Moon and the more Magickal way of life and with that I started to investigate lunar astrology and what it could mean for me. 

I struggled to find everything I needed to know in one place and as I researched, learned and created my own journaling pages, guides and card spreads eventually the Magickal Moon School was born. 

And now I’m here to share the wonder of working with the Moon with you. 

Is the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal for you?

The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal is for you if:
  • You know you’re influenced by the energy of the Moon and want to know more about it
  • You’re drawn to the Moon and stars and are keen to discover your personal guidance 
  • You want to use journaling and card spreads to discover your lunar messages and guidance each month 
  • You’re ready to commit to your spiritual journey and discover more about yourself than ever before 
  • You’re fascinated with astrology and would love to know more about the Moon in your natal chart 
  • You want some structure and flow to your personal growth and spiritual journey 
  • You’re looking for guidance and support as your discover more about who you are and your place in the cosmos
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I tied into a contract?

Not at all, the membership is flexible and you can choose to sign for monthly, quarterly or yearly. You also have complete control over the renewal of your membership inside the settings of the private members area.

How much time do I need to get the most out of the Moon Empowerment Portal content?

You can do as little or as much as you have time for. I always recommend starting small and building up. So perhaps during your first month you will dive into some journaling questions or lunar astrology about the new Moon. Then next month you can add in a ritual to celebrate the full Moon. In addition to the content in the private members area I host two live events each month which last on average around 45 minutes each. 

Do I need to know about the Moon before joining?

The Magickal Moon School is for everyone. Don’t worry if this is all very new to you as the guidance and support will skyrocket your understanding in no time. And what’s great about the Moon School is that because every new Moon and full Moon is different every month inside the school is different too so there is always something new to learn no matter where you are on your lunar journey

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