Welcome to your 2021 Moon Journey

The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal 2021

Take your spiritual lunar journey to the next level with lunar astrology for personal growth. 

Grow with the Moon in 2021

Right now the world needs us all to show up and do the work. That way the results we see in ourselves then ripple out into the lives of those around us. 

The truth is, the more we do the internal work for ourselves the more we are helping and being of service to others. That’s just a fact! 

Working with the Moon is all about the internal journey. She represents our emotions, reactions to stress, our darkness and our shadow.

As she goes through her phases she shines a light into those hidden areas of our lives so we can address them, work through them, challenge them, heal from them and move forward.

It’s not easy to do this work without any structure or organisation. But the Moon can help us with that.

Every new and full moon has a different energy and life theme to work with and that’s where the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal comes in.

Level Up!

Are you ready to take your spiritual lunar journey to the next level using the Moon as your guide?


  • Being in flow with the lunar phases and the natural cycles of the planet
  • Understanding how the signs of the zodiac impact your life
  • Having a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want out of life
  • Using the energy of the Moon to create your best life
  • Being guided step by step with a supportive community to keep you on track


Are you ready to take your spiritual lunar journey to the next level?

Let’s take a look inside

The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal is an online membership group with a learning platform and community support. Here’s what you get as a monthly member of the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal.

Your Membership Includes:

Content Summary

  • Access to the private membership site with reference guides and monthly content updates
  • Detailed guidance and support at each New and Full Moon
  • New & Full Moon Guides to tap into the specific energy of each Moon in the lunar year
  • Exclusive hand-drawn tarot & oracle card spreads
  • Rituals for the New and Full Moon
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Online workshops
  • Live online events hosted inside the private Facebook group with replays available.
  • And much more….

Community Bonuses

Be part of the lunar lovers community

  • Facebook Group – This is a private space dedicated to supporting your lunar journey
  • Live Events – I host live online events 2-3 times a month to support your exploration of lunar astrology and key themes of the year. 

How Does The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal Work?

Each month we explore the energy the New and Full Moons by looking at:

  • 01 – Lunar Themes
  • 02 – Rituals
  • 03 – Your Natal Chart
  • 04 – Journaling Prompts
  • 05 – Tarot & Oracle Spreads
  • 06 – Reference Guides

So much of our spiritual, personal and mental health journey can be connected to working with the Moon. 

Let’s take a closer look……



Lunar Themes

The astrology of the Moon at the time it is New or Full influences the theme we work with each cycle. 

Inside the Moon Portal

I show you how to explore each theme and life area for a deeper connection to who you are, why you do the things you do and ways to move forward to create your best life. 




Following the lunar cycle we can explore rituals at each New and Full Moon to increase our lunar connection. 

Inside the Moon Portal

We explore New Moon Wishes and Full Moon Releasing each cycle to help manifest your best life. 



Your Natal Chart

At each New and Full Moon, an area of your natal chart is activated. This highlights an area for focus and attention. 

Inside the Moon Portal

I show you how to discover the secrets the Moon holds inside the astrological houses of your natal chart.



Journaling Prompts

Journaling using prompts allows you to discover more about how the New and Full Moon theme is relevant for you right now. 

Inside The Moon Portal

I provide you with exclusive journaling prompts for each and every New and Full Moon of the year. 



Tarot & Oracle Spreads

Working with your cards alongside the lunar energies is a really powerful way to explore your personal lunar guidance. 

Inside the Moon Portal

Each cycle I create a hand-drawn tarot & oracle card spread specifically matched to the energy of each New and Full Moon



Reference Guides

The private member’s area is one big lunar reference library where you can explore till your heart’s content.  

Inside The Moon Portal

I have added reference information to learn more about the lunar phases, signs of the zodiac, astrological houses, tarot and much more. 


How Much is the Portal?

The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal is a Subscription Membership Club which will auto-renew every month, quarter or year. 

Your membership is completely under your control and you are free to cancel at any time. 

About Me….

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the stars and planets and I spent evenings looking through a telescope with my Dad in the garden.

Back then I had no idea of the emotional and spiritual impact of the lunar cycles or the other stuff going on in the cosmos.

My spiritual journey began many years later with the need to heal from trauma and with it I discovered the power of creativity, journaling and working with tarot and oracle cards.

I was fascinated by space, the Moon and the more Magickal way of life and with that, I started to investigate lunar astrology and what it could mean for me. 

I struggled to find everything I needed to know in one place and as I researched, learned and created my own journaling pages, guides and card spreads eventually the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal was born.  

And now I’m here to share the wonder of working with the Moon with you. 


Are you ready to take your spiritual lunar journey to the next level?


Lunar Lovers


“The Moon Portal has enriched my life and empowered me to follow the NATURAL cycles of our moon. The guidance I receive keeps me focused and on task, and my resistance has changed knowing that it is all about energy and working with it, not against it. I am Grateful and Blessed by Sarah Cornforth’s gifts!”

Nancy – Lunar Lover


” I LOVE how much information is included but it’s laid out so simply that I don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s all easy to follow and the artwork is stunning “

Sarah – Lunar Lover