January - New & Full Moons

Full Moon in Cancer


Date & Time

  • GMT - 6th January 2023 @ 23:07
  • Eastern Time - 6th January 2023 @ 18:07
  • Pacific Time - 6th January 2023 @ 15:07
  • Mountain Time - 6th January 2023 @ 16:07
  • Australian Eastern Time - 7th January 2023 @ 10:07
  • Australian Western Time - 7th January 2023 @ 07:07


  • 16.21 Degrees in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer Energy

The Full Moon in Cancer is a powerful time of emotional intensity and deep inner reflection. The energy of this moon can act as a catalyst for personal transformation and growth, as it encourages us to explore our innermost feelings and innermost selves. Our emotions are amplified under the light of the full moon, making it an ideal time to take stock of our personal relationships and our emotional state. This is a time to go inward, to be gentle with yourself, and to reflect on the changes you want to make in your life. Ultimately, this full moon can be a powerful time for self-discovery and meaningful introspection.

Theme: Connect With How You Want to Feel

During the Full Moon in Cancer, it’s time to connect with how you want to feel, and adjust your plans (Sun in Capricorn) to be in greater alignment with your feelings (Cancer Moon). Take a look at your plans and intentions for the year ahead, and adjust them based on how you want to feel as you create, explore, succeed and grow. Mercury is in Retrograde during this time, causing a bit of disruption to the plans you made at the end of 2022. Allowing space for adjustment and re-alignment is essential to move forward without any big delays.

The Element of Water

The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water energy is all about feelings and emotions. In nature, water can appear as a raging torrent, babbling brook, a dark lake or vast ocean. Water signs are emotional and intuitive.

Planetary Ruler - The Moon

The Moon, Earth's only satellite, is the ruling planet of Cancer. The energy of the Moon waxes and wanes, influencing emotions and intuitive behaviour.

Super New Moon in Aquarius


Date & Time

  • GMT - 21st January 2023 @ 20:53
  • Eastern Time - 21st January 2023 @ 15:53
  • Pacific Time - 21st January 2023 @ 12:53
  • Mountain Time - 21st January 2023 @ 13:53
  • Australian Eastern Time - 21st January 2023 @ 07:53
  • Australian Western Time - 22nd January 2023 @ 04:53


  • 1.32 Degrees in Aquarius

Super New Moon in Aquarius Energy

The energy of the Super New Moon in Aquarius can be an exciting and energising time. It is a time of new beginnings and a time to work on manifesting our goals. This Super New Moon is when we set intentions, grow and learn. With the energy of Aquarius, it is time to be creative and think outside the box. This is a great time to focus on our dreams and take action towards achieving them. It is also a time to think about our relationships and help heal any differences. Tap into your intuition and trust in the process of life. By taking advantage of this Super New Moon energy, we can make great strides towards our goals.

Theme: Connect with Your Soul’s Calling

During the Super New Moon in Aquarius cycle, it’s time to connect with your soul’s calling (Uranus), and allow yourself to look at the bigger picture for the future. Take time out to explore what your soul’s calling means for you. How can you make space for your soul’s calling within your plans, goals, dreams, wishes and intentions for 2023? Look back at the previous year and reflect on whether you have been working towards your soul’s calling or just ticking over in the day to day of it all.

The Element of Air

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air energy is all about ideas and thoughts. Communication and social interaction are dominant features. Air signs are intellectual and communicative. Aquarius shows this through innovation and thinking outside the box.

Super New Moon

A super New Moon takes place when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth at the time of the new Moon. The point where the Moon is at its closest is called perigee. At this time, the effects are felt more intensely

Planetary Ruler - Uranus and Saturn

Aquarius has two ruling planets. Uranus is the modern ruler, while Saturn is the traditional ruler.

Uranus is the Greek God of the Sky and the first ruler of the Universe. He is associated with the unexpected. The energy of Uranus influences change, disruption and the unconventional.

Saturn is the Roman God of sowing and reaping of grain, he is associated with responsibility. The energy of Saturn influences obstacles, limitation, restriction and discipline.