When is the next Moon? 

Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Date: 8th November @11:01 UK Time

Position: @ 16 degrees

Theme: Benefit from Stubborn Hope

This full Moon closes the eclipse doorway, and in the sign of Taurus, it brings some steady energy after the intensity just experienced. At the April new Moon in Taurus, you were guided to be patient, and now at the full Moon in the same sign, hope is the vibration you are working with. After whatever turbulence you have experienced, allow yourself to be hopeful that what you desire is possible, and be really stubborn about making it happen.

Countdown to the Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

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The Moons of 2022

Each New and Full Moon has a different energy and theme based on the sign of the zodiac it is happening in. 

During 2022, we have:

  • 13 New Moons
  • 12 Full Moons
  • 2 Lunar Eclipses
  • 2 Solar Eclipses
  • 1 black Moon
  • 4 Super Moons

The New Moon is the start of the lunar cycle and represents new beginnings. This is the time when we set our intentions for the cycle ahead based on the theme of sign it is under.

The Full Moon represents the energetic climax of the lunar cycle, and is a time to pause and soak up the energy and guidance available to us at this time. We use Full Moon energy to reflect on where you have been, where you are right now and where you are heading.

New & Full Moons of 2022

Upcoming Moons

21. Partial New Moon solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Date: 25th October @ 11:48 UK Time

Position: @ 1.59 degrees in Scorpio

Theme: Challenge Old Beliefs

This new Moon is a partial solar eclipse, opening the eclipse doorway, which closes again on the next full Moon. The Scorpio new Moon brings forward the energy of transformation and change that could easily challenge what you believe to be true. As you let go of old beliefs, new ones take their place. Your beliefs have been moulded by what you have experienced in your life so far. During this new Moon cycle, consider how your old beliefs have held you back, and how your new ones will set you free.

Check below for your time zone. and get the date in your diary.

  • BST - 25th October @ 11:48
  • Eastern Time - 25th October @ 06:48
  • Pacific Time - 25th October @ 03:48
  • Mountain Time - 25th October @ 04:48
  • Australian Eastern Time - 25th October @ 21:48
  • Australian Western Time - 25th October @ 1:48

22. Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Date: 8th November @11:01 UK Time

Position: @ 16 degrees

Theme: Benefit from Stubborn Hope

This full Moon closes the eclipse doorway, and in the sign of Taurus, it brings some steady energy after the intensity just experienced. At the April new Moon in Taurus, you were guided to be patient, and now at the full Moon in the same sign, hope is the vibration you are working with. After whatever turbulence you have experienced, allow yourself to be hopeful that what you desire is possible, and be really stubborn about making it happen.

23. New Moon in Sagittarius

Date: 23rd November @ 22:57 UK Time

Position: @ 1.37 degrees in Sagittarius

Theme: Be Constantly Curious and Question Everything

When you were young, you were encouraged to be curious and ask questions. Eventually, you may have asked less questions for fear of causing a disruption. The new Moon in Sagittarius asks you to begin to question everything again with childlike curiosity. This is how you learn, expand and evolve beyond what you currently know to be true.

24. Full Moon in Gemini

Date: 8th December @ 04:07 UK Time

Position: @ 16:01 degrees in Gemini

Theme: Manage Restless Energy

Gemini energy can be a lot to contend with, making the full Moon in Gemini the perfect time to refine your energy management. Explore taking restless energy and finding stillness. Reset overworking to find a balanced work life. Channel distractions into mindfulness. Then harness these skills in the future where you need them most.

25. SUPER New Moon in Capricorn

Date: 23rd December @ 10:16 UK Time

Position: @ 1.32 degrees in Capricorn

Theme: Do Things Differently & Get Different Results

Looking back at the year gone by, ask yourself, how would you have done things differently? This new Moon in Capricorn is a great time to brainstorm the year ahead. If you're not sure where to start, then begin with understanding what you don't want.

Past Moons

The following Moons have already taken place this year. 

1. SUPER New Moon in Capricorn

Date: 2nd January @ 18:33 UK Time

Position: @ 12.19 degrees in Capricorn

Theme: For the Love of Planning

The New Moon in Capricorn asks you to consider planning based on what your heart is open and ready for.

2. Full Moon in Cancer

Date: 17th January @ 23:48 UK Time

Position: @ 27.5 degrees in Cancer

Theme: Feel the Present Moment

The January Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon, and in the sign of Cancer encourages you to feel the emotions connected to past events, and then move on to the feelings of the present moment.

3. New Moon in Aquarius

Date: 1st February @ 05:45 UK Time

Position: @ 12.19 degrees in Aquarius

Theme: Eyes Wide Open

Being blinkered to the opportunities and solutions around you is no way to live your life. At the Aquarius New Moon, this is your chance to be open minded to anything and everything, and consider all possibilities and potential solutions to your current challenges. What block, resistance or sticking point do you want to move through during this cycle? Look at things with your eyes wide open, and notice new ways of doing things.

4. Full Moon in Leo

Date: 16th February @ 16:56 UK Time

Position: @ 27.59 degrees in Leo

Theme: Passion vs Fear

When the Moon is Full in the sign of Leo, things are on fire! We feel passion, love, creativity, drama and pride. But what if this energy is blocked? What if the fear of losing what you already have prevents you from exploring the things that bring you the most joy? It's time to choose, passion or fear. Which will it be?

5. New Moon in Pisces

Date: 2nd March @ 17:34 UK Time

Position: @ 12.06 degrees in Pisces

Theme: Achieving Spiritual Balance

When there is a lack of balance in your life, your emotional and spiritual side is overwhelmed and challenged. When spiritually in balance, you are intuitive, receptive and guided. The New Moon in Pisces asks you to become aware of the imbalances in your life and explore your spiritual needs to help work through your current difficulties.

6. Full Moon in Virgo

Date: 18th March @ 07:17 UK Time

Position: @ 27.39 degree in Virgo

Theme: Getting in the Zone

When life happens without hurdles, we feel the flow. This can be experienced as being ‘in the zone’ where things just line up and make sense. The March Full Moon is known as the Storm Moon, and in the sign of Virgo, it’s time to remove distractions and create smooth systems and processes to support finding your flow and getting into the zone more often.

7. New Moon in Aries

Date: 1st April @ 07:24 UK Time

Position: @ 11.30 degrees in Aries

Theme: Make a Fresh Start

Fresh starts can be taken at anytime. To start something new doesn't mean you have failed at something old. Things change, life changes, desires change, and we have to change too. Change is often challenging for us as humans, as we like familiar rather than new, even when new is what we crave. Allow yourself a fresh start in any area of your life, big or small, and begin to create something amazing for yourself.

8. Full Moon in Libra

Date: 16th April @ 19:54 UK Time

Position: @ 26.45 degrees in Libra

Theme: Shifting a Lack Mentality

Constantly worrying about what doesn't go right or the potential fallout of future endeavours will eventually leave you struggling with a lack mentality. Without celebrating your successes and focusing only on what is perceived as a failure, it will be hard to feel the benefits of manifesting an abundant life. Work with the power of this full Moon and get this energy back in balance.

9. Black Moon Partial New Moon Solar ECLIPSE in Taurus

Date: 30th April @ 21:27 UK Time

Position: @ 10:27 degrees in Taurus

Theme: Practice the Art of Patience

Not everything can happen instantly. Sometimes we just have to be patient. The energy of Taurus helps you remain steady and strong even when there is a lot going on. After the energy of the Aries new Moon, this slowing of pace could be welcome or frustrating, but either way, it's going to happen. What are your lessons in patience at this time? As this new Moon is a partial solar eclipse, it's more intense than a regular new Moon. It signifies the opening of the eclipse doorway, connecting this new Moon to the full Moon in Scorpio, where the doorway closes.

10. Total Lunar Full Moon ECLIPSE in Scorpio

Date: 16th May @ 5:12 UK Time

Position: @ 25.17 degrees in Scorpio

Theme: Learn to Explore the Shadows

This full Moon lunar eclipse is the closure of the eclipse doorway that opened at the new Moon in Taurus. It signifies the ending of an emotionally intense period, where you are being asked "what came up from the shadow during this time"?. Explore these darker elements with kindness and compassion, and turn this into an opportunity for growth, rather than challenge.

11. New Moon in Gemini

Date: 30th May @ 12:30 UK Time

Position: @ 09:03 degrees in Gemini

Theme: Learn to Direct Your Energy

Gemini energy is busy, fast and excitable. If not directed somewhere, it can manifest in restlessness, discomfort, frustration and instability. Use this energy to fuel your passions, and use the energy of the Gemini lunar cycle to see what the results of your hard work and dedication can look like.

12. SUPER Full Moon in Sagittarius

Date: 14th June @ 12:51 UK Time

Position: @ 23.24 degrees in Sagittarius

Theme: Experience Cultural Expansion

The things that make us all different and unique are beautiful adventures to be experienced and explored. Venture out beyond what you know through a book, travel or connection, and broaden your horizons.

13. MICRO New Moon in Cancer

Date: 29th June @ 03:52 UK Time

Position: @ 07:22 degrees in Cancer

Theme: Create New Patterns of Thinking

Cancer is an emotional sign that feels everything, and this can have a big influence on the thoughts that repeat through your mind. If allowed to remain negative or challenging, these thoughts will control your life and keep you out of alignment with your goals and dreams. At the Cancer new Moon, you are encouraged to create new patterns of thinking based on how you want to feel, and remove your connection to negative and challenging narratives.

14. SUPER Full Moon in Capricorn

Date: 13th July @ 19:37 UK Time

Position: @ 21.20 degrees in Capricorn

Theme: Channel Confident Enthusiasm 

This super full Moon in Capricorn is connected to the first new Moon of the year, the new Moon in Capricorn. This was our planning Moon, and you are being asked to review your plans for the year. What were your plans, goals and dreams? Did you follow your heart or get stuck in a rut? Acknowledge your success so far, and allow it to boost your confidence and enthusiasm. Take what you already know and continue with your plans for the rest of the year.

15. New Moon in Leo

Date: 28th July @ 18:54 UK Time

Position: @ 05:38 degrees in Leo

Theme: Generate Passion from Within

Leo energy is external, projecting creativity and desires out into the world. However, so much is missed by being loud and bright. What if you turned your gaze inward during this external time and explored your dreams, desires and creativity from a quieter view point? Consider that the quieter you become, the more you can hear? If you've been stuck in a creative rut, this could be the thing that unblocks you and moves you forward.

16. Full Moon in Aquarius

Date: 12th August @ 02:35 UK Time

Position: @ 19.21 degrees in Aquarius

Theme: Collaborate and Grow

Back in February, at the new Moon in Aquarius, you were asked to open your eyes to the possibility and potential, especially when it came to finding solutions to challenges. How did that go? Did you believe you didn't have to do it all alone? Perhaps you realised that being part of a partnership could be beneficial? Collaboration can take many forms, what does this look like for you?

17. New Moon in Virgo

Date: 27th August @ 09:16 UK Time

Position: @ 04:03 degrees in Virgo

Theme: Creating Strong Systems

Foundations, systems, processes.....when these things are in place, life runs more smoothly, with less effort, giving you more time to do the things you love. During the new Mooni Virgo cycle, build the things you need to create a strong foundation for you to live the life you love. Don't be afraid of setting up systems, processes and boundaries to make your life easier.

18. Full Moon in Pisces

Date: 10th September @ 10:58 UK Time

Position: @ 17.4 degrees in Pisces

Theme: Reinforcing Emotional Strength

Back in March, at the new Moon in Pisces, you explored spiritual balance. Understanding that it was important to make space for your intuitive, receptive and guided side to come through. As you work towards this balance, greater calm and peace can be achieved. The energy you find yourself in will be softer, and you will experience greater flow. Assess the balance between your emotional needs and your responsibilities, and make any adjustments needed to find emotional stability and strength.

19. New Moon in Libra

Date: 25th September @ 22:54 UK Time

Position: @ 2.48 degrees in Libra

Theme: Be Realistic, Not Pessimistic

Being realistic isn't as easy as it should be. We constantly underestimate our time, overestimate our energy, set unrealistic goals and create standards we cannot meet. What is your spent a whole cycle being realistic? What would this look like? Imagine if this could restore some balance and harmony into your life.

20. Full Moon in Aries

Date: 9th October @ 21.54 UK Time

Position: @ 16.32 degrees in Aries

Theme: Being Actively Happy

Aries is a sign of determination and passion. He is focused on setting a goal and seeing it through to the end no matter what. Often these goals are materialistic in nature. But what is your goal was a determined level of happiness that took you beyond the material. At the April new Moon in Aries, you were given permission for a fresh start in any area of your life. Did this make you happy? What changes, if any, do you need to make to feel actively happy?