New & Full Moons of 2022

2022 New & Full Moons

Each New and Full Moon has a different energy and theme based on the sign of the zodiac it is happening in. 

During 2022, we have:

  • 13 New Moons
  • 12 Full Moons
  • 2 Lunar Eclipses
  • 2 Solar Eclipses
  • 1 black Moon
  • 4 Super Moons

The New Moon is the start of the lunar cycle and represents new beginnings. This is the time when we set our intentions for the cycle ahead based on the theme of sign it is under.

The Full Moon represents the energetic climax of the lunar cycle, and is a time to pause and soak up the energy and guidance available to us at this time. We use Full Moon energy to reflect on where you have been, where you are right now and where you are heading.

1. SUPER New Moon in Capricorn

Date: 2nd January @ 18:33 UK Time

Position: @ 12.19 degrees in Capricorn

Theme: For the Love of Planning

The New Moon in Capricorn asks you to consider planning based on what your heart is open and ready for.

2. Full Moon in Cancer

Date: 17th January @ 23:48 UK Time

Position: @ 27.5 degrees in Cancer

Theme: Feel the Present Moment

The January Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon, and in the sign of Cancer encourages you to feel the emotions connected to past events, and then move on to the feelings of the present moment.

3. New Moon in Aquarius

Date: 1st February @ 05:45 UK Time

Position: @ 12.19 degrees in Aquarius

Theme: Eyes Wide Open

Being blinkered to the opportunities and solutions around you is no way to live your life. At the Aquarius New Moon, this is your chance to be open minded to anything and everything, and consider all possibilities and potential solutions to your current challenges. What block, resistance or sticking point do you want to move through during this cycle? Look at things with your eyes wide open, and notice new ways of doing things.

4. Full Moon in Leo

Date: 16th February @ 16:56 UK Time

Position: @ 27.59 degrees in Leo

Theme: Passion vs Fear

When the Moon is Full in the sign of Leo, things are on fire! We feel passion, love, creativity, drama and pride. But what if this energy is blocked? What if the fear of losing what you already have prevents you from exploring the things that bring you the most joy? It's time to choose, passion or fear. Which will it be?

5. New Moon in Pisces

Date: 2nd March @ 17:34 UK Time

Position: @ 12.06 degrees in Pisces

Theme: Achieving Spiritual Balance

6. Full Moon in Virgo

Date: 18th March @ 07:17 UK Time

Position: @ 27.39 degree in Virgo

Theme: Getting in the Zone

7. New Moon in Aries

Date: 1st April @ 07:24 UK Time

Position: @ 11.30 degrees in Aries

Theme: Make a Fresh Start

8. Full Moon in Libra

Date: 16th April @ 19:54 UK Time

Position: @ 26.45 degrees in Libra

Theme: Shifting a Lack Mentality

9. Black Moon Partial New Moon Solar ECLIPSE in Taurus

Date: 30th April @ 21:27 UK Time

Position: @ 10:27 degrees in Taurus

Theme: Practice the Art of Patience

10. Total Lunar Full Moon ECLIPSE in Scorpio

Date: 16th May @ 5:12 UK Time

Position: @ 25.17 degrees in Scorpio

Theme: Learn to Explore the Shadows

11. New Moon in Gemini

Date: 30th May @ 12:30 UK Time

Position: @ 09:03 degrees in Gemini

Theme: Learn to Direct Your Energy

12. SUPER Full Moon in Sagittarius

Date: 14th June @ 12:51 UK Time

Position: @ 23.24 degrees in Sagittarius

Theme: Experience Cultural Expansion

13. MICRO New Moon in Cancer

Date: 29th June @ 03:52 UK Time

Position: @ 07:22 degrees in Cancer

Theme: Create New Patterns of Thinking

14. SUPER Full Moon in Capricorn

Date: 13th July @ 19:37 UK Time

Position: @ 21.20 degrees in Capricorn

Theme: Channel Confident Enthusiasm 

15. New Moon in Leo

Date: 28th July @ 18:54 UK Time

Position: @ 05:38 degrees in Leo

Theme: Generate Passion from Within

16. Full Moon in Aquarius

Date: 12th August @ 02:35 UK Time

Position: @ 19.21 degrees in Aquarius

Theme: Collaborate and Grow

17. New Moon in Virgo

Date: 27th August @ 09:16 UK Time

Position: @ 04:03 degrees in Virgo

Theme: Creating Strong Systems

18. Full Moon in Pisces

Date: 10th September @ 10:58 UK Time

Position: @ 17.4 degrees in Pisces

Theme: Reinforcing Emotional Strength

19. New Moon in Libra

Date: 25th September @ 22:54 UK Time

Position: @ 2.48 degrees in Libra

Theme: Be Realistic, Not Pessimistic

20. Full Moon in Aries

Date: 9th October @ 21.54 UK Time

Position: @ 16.32 degrees in Aries

Theme: Being Actively Happy

21. Partial New Moon solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Date: 25th October @ 11:48 UK Time

Position: @ 1.59 degrees in Scorpio

Theme: Challenge Old Beliefs

22. Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Date: 8th November @11:01 UK Time

Position: @ 16 degrees

Theme: Benefit from Stubborn Hope

23. New Moon in Sagittarius

Date: 23rd November @ 22:57 UK Time

Position: @ 1.37 degrees in Sagittarius

Theme: Be Constantly Curious and Question Everything

24. Full Moon in Gemini

Date: 8th December @ 04:07 UK Time

Position: @ 16:01 degrees in Gemini

Theme: Manage Restless Energy

25. SUPER New Moon in Capricorn

Date: 23rd December @ 10:16 UK Time

Position: @ 1.32 degrees in Capricorn

Theme: Do Things Differently & Get Different Results