New Moon, Aries, Astrology

New Moon in Aries Guide & Workbook

“I set my intentions and make plans for the cycle ahead”

Theme: New Journeys

This New Moon represents new beginnings like no other as it starts a cycle in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. 

Aries is a fire sign connected to action, forward movement and getting things done. 

Inside this Moon guide, you will explore the theme of a new journey and discover what this means for you in the present moment. 

Instant Download 28 Page Guide and Workbook

Explore the energy of the New Moon in Aries with this New Moon in Aries Guide and Workbook.

This digital guide is available for instant download on purchase for just £7.50. 

  • Explore the energy of the New Moon
  • Connect with the theme of Aries
  • Discover what this New Moon means in your natal chart
  • Use the journaling prompts to get clear on your journey
  • Set your New Moon wishes based on the energy of this New Moon in Aries
  • And grab your Tarot cards for the exclusive ‘Explore the Journey’ tarot & oracle card spread.