New Moon in Cancer – June 2020

by | Jun 17, 2020

Written by Sarah Cornforth

Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix is a UK artist and Moon addict with a love of the natural world. Other obsessions include hoarding tarot and oracle cards, creative journaling and making magick. At some point in her future there will be Llama's!

The Moon is New in








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Inside this article I share with you my guidance on working with the energy of the New Moon in Cancer. We take a look at:

  • What is a new Moon
  • When is the new Moon
  • New Moon Podcast
  • What is the theme of the Cancer new Moon
  • Questions to journal for the new Moon in Cancer
  • New Moon tarot and oracle card spread
  • Things to do on a new Moon
  • Inspiration and guidance from other authors

Be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts

Bianca Sparacino - The Strength in our Scars


Welcome to the Magickal Moments Podcast. Check out my episode all about the new Moon in Gemini

Discover what the New Moon in Cancer means for you and how to get the most from this energy inside The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal

What is a New Moon?

The new Moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle. It happens when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction (occurring in the the same place) in the night’s sky. This results in the Sun and Moon to combine their energies in the same sign of the zodiac.

During this time we begin the new theme for the cycle ahead and this is determined by the zodiac sign the New Moon occurs under. 

Throughout the course of a calendar year we experience a new Moon in every sign of the zodiac which allows you to come full circle in what is learned during that time.

Tune into the New Moon theme each cycle and be open to the possibilities it presents. This is the time for brainstorming your ideas and making plans for the lunar cycle ahead. At this time it’s good to feel excited as we consider the new opportunities available to us.

What is the Cancer New Moon all About?

As the Sun moves from Gemini to Cancer we experience a new Moon in the same sign. Gemini was active and external while Cancer is internal and emotional. 

The symbol of the crab which represents this signs shows an animal with a hard external shell to protect the soft vulnerable parts inside. This is a representation of the protection we put up around ourselves to help us stay safe and heal. However keeping these walls up for too long can be restrictive and unbeneficial. 

During the time of the Cancer new Moon we will experience a solar eclipse bringing an intensity to the energy at this time and also highlighting a time of transformation and change. 

We have to feel to heal and although this may be uncomfortable at times the rewards far outway the challenges. 

Also, this is the first of two new Moons in the same sign giving us an extended period available for our healing. 

From healing we experience growth and through growth we discover how amazing our lives and the world around us can really be. 

The new Moon in Cancer also falls at the time of the summer soltice and the festival of Litha on the Wheel of the Year. During this time we celebrate life, power, energy, vitality, love and growth. 

Take some time during this new Moon solstice period to be outside in the sunshine, recharge your batteries, journal about your feelings and tap into your inner Magick

Deep dive into what the Cancer New Moon means for you personally as a member of The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal

New Moon Journaling Questions

  • Where should you focus on healing during this time?
  • What action can you take to boost your healing and growth?
  • Where have you experienced the benefits of healing in the past?

New Moon Tarot & Oracle Card Spread

The new Moon is a great time to work with your cards. This spread can be used with any type of tarot or oracle card deck. Just shuffle the deck and draw out the cards in the way show in the spread then grab your journal and work through each card in relation to each position in the spread to find your guidance for this lunar cycle

Things to do on a New Moon

  • Disconnect & unplug from tech and social media
  • Declutter & clean your environment to help you relax
  • Take a relaxing bath to centre the body and mind
  • Practice yoga to energise and relax the body as required
  • Meditate to connect with your higher self and lunar guidance
  • Make a wish and set your intentions for the cycle ahead
  • Journal about how you feel and explore your inner world
  • Practice divination such as reading your cards

Inspiration and Guidance

Check out the below inspiration, guidance and wisdom from some of my favourite authors.

Notice what you are hungry for – is it love, connections, spirit? Reach in to that deeper hunger and ask what truly feeds you. Meditate on the idea that your true hoe is the whole of the Earth, which is our mother. 

Heather Roan Robbins

Moon Wisdom, Transform your Life Using the Moon's Signs and Cycles

Pay attention to your feelings. You will be more sistitive than usual and perhaps prone to tears. Nostalgic memories may arise. Let yourself grieve, and honor the memory of those you’ve lost. Look through old photo albums, re-read journals, visit places from the plast or contact old frieds to regain a feeling of closeness and family. 

Simone Butler

Moon Power, Lunar Rituals for Connecting with your Lunar Goddess

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