New Moon in Leo – Aug 2020

by | Aug 14, 2020

Written by Sarah Cornforth

Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix is a UK artist and Moon addict with a love of the natural world. Other obsessions include hoarding tarot and oracle cards, creative journaling and making magick. At some point in her future there will be Llama's!

The Moon is New in








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Inside this article, I share with you my guidance on working with the energy of the New Moon in Leo. We take a look at:

  • What is a New Moon
  • When is the new Moon
  • New Moon Podcast
  • What is the theme of the Leo new Moon
  • Questions to journal for the new Moon in New 
  • New Moon tarot and oracle card spread
  • Things to do on a New Moon
  • Inspiration and guidance from other authors

Where there is love, there is joy

Mother Teresa


Welcome to the Magickal Moments Podcast. Check out my episode all about the new Moon in Leo.

Discover what the New Moon in Leo means for you and how to get the most from this energy inside The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal

What is a New Moon?

The new Moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle. It happens when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction (occurring in the the same place) in the night’s sky. This results in the Sun and Moon to combine their energies in the same sign of the zodiac.

During this time we begin the new theme for the cycle ahead and this is determined by the zodiac sign the New Moon occurs under. 

Throughout the course of a calendar year we experience a new Moon in every sign of the zodiac which allows you to come full circle in what is learned during that time.

Tune into the New Moon theme each cycle and be open to the possibilities it presents. This is the time for brainstorming your ideas and making plans for the lunar cycle ahead. At this time it’s good to feel excited as we consider the new opportunities available to us.

What is the Leo New Moon all About?


We are finally moving into a New Moon cycle that is out of the sign of Cancer and that calls for a celebration. 

The past two New Moon’s have been in the sign of Cancer, and this extended period of internal work, healing and spiritual growth has been challenging for most of us. 

I’ve struggled with some of this energy, it’s been emotional and exhausting, but with Leo bringing forward some well-needed fire energy I can feel the change we are about to experience coming forward. 

Leo is all about passion, drive, joy and courage. We are being encouraged to ask “what is it that you love to do more than anything else in this world” and then take the answer you give and do more of that. 

But what we often happens once we identify the thing we love to do, is that we start to place limitations, blocks and restrictions on that thing in favour of obligations, to-do lists and responsibilities. Yes, these things need to be taken care of but not at the expense of our passion, loves, joys and desires. 

Our human self has a default setting when it comes to passion and joy. It restricts our access to the thing we love the most as some form of punishment, without ever explaining what we are being punished for. Do you feel this way sometimes? 

During this New Moon in Leo, we get the opportunity to choose passion, drama, joy, life, love and desire. And if you focus on these things and give them room and space in your life you don’t have to say goodbye once the Leo energy has passed. 

It is possible to be responsible and be passionate at the same time. So give it a go. 

Inside The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal we are exploring passion in much more detail. Together we take a deep dive into what it is, where it comes from, how passion is magick, fears of following your passion, examples of passionate people in history, what passion feels like, what you are passionate about and how to be more passionate about the things you love. 

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Deep dive into what the Cancer New Moon means for you personally as a member of The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal

New Moon Journaling Questions

  • What does joy look like to you? 
  • What is your most joyful memory?
  • How can you create more joy-filled memories? 

New Moon Tarot & Oracle Card Spread

The new Moon is a great time to work with your cards. This spread can be used with any type of tarot or oracle card deck. Just shuffle the deck and draw out the cards in the way shown in the spread then grab your journal and work through each card in relation to each position in the spread to find your guidance for this lunar cycle.

I invite you to be part of a community of like-minded people drawing three cards every Monday to connect with the lunar energies of the week ahead. Come and share your results on my Instagram.

Here’s what to do

  •  Draw your cards and take a photo
  •  Share in your feed or IG stories and tag @themagickalcreatrix and use hashtag #MondayMoonSpread
  • I will share your cards with the rest of the community as we all support each other to tap into the lunar energies each week

Things to do on a New Moon

  • Disconnect & unplug from tech and social media
  • Declutter & clean your environment to help you relax
  • Take a relaxing bath to centre the body and mind
  • Practice yoga to energise and relax the body as required
  • Meditate to connect with your higher self and lunar guidance
  • Make a wish and set your intentions for the cycle ahead
  • Journal about how you feel and explore your inner world
  • Practice divination such as reading your cards

Inspiration and Guidance

Check out the below inspiration, guidance and wisdom from some of my favourite authors.

Reconnecting to Our Feelings – At the New Moon, in the metaphorical darkness, our visual senses, together with the sense of hearing, touch, taste and smell – help us to navigate a three-dimensional world. And yet we also have the ability to feel without touch, to engage with what author and healer Kevin Farrow calls the feeling sense. While our imaginings can be a useful starting point, bodily feelings or sensations are the gateway to a world that is richer than imagination. 

Ezie Spencer

Lunar Abundance, Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon

During the Sun Childs Moon, we concentrate on creativity in any endeavour, and we try to reattain that childlike confidence of the era before we became conscious of the criticism of others. It is also a good time for people who are not performers – especially if it’s because they are too afraid to perform – to tentatively get up on stage and try their best. If we can neither create not perform, then the task is to focus on feeling joy and on spreading that oy to others by whatever means we have. 

Raven Kaldera

Moon Phase Astrology, The Lunar Key to Your Destiny

Take your lunar journey to the next level and discover the power of working with the energy of the Moon in your daily life inside The Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal

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