New Moon in Leo

August New Moon in Leo – Big, Bright, Bold and Beautiful!

The New Moon in Leo will be at 8.36 degrees in Leo and signifies a time when the Sun and Moon will be in the sign of creativity, confidence, courage and play.

Around the time of the New Moon we begin to feel tied as the Waning phase encourages us to soothe, heal and surrender. This is a very important action to take in the cycle as what we do here recharges us ready for a new and exciting cycle ahead.

During the time of the new moon we set our intentions for the cycle ahead. These can be in the form of a list of goals and dream, wishes or things you would like to manifest. It doesn’t matter how you do this, what’s important is the positivity of your intentions.

Moon and Cards Forecast for the New Moon in Leo and the Waxing Moon

Setting intentions on the New Moon

When you are setting your intentions for the lunar cycle head consider the following:

  • Keep your thoughts as positive as you can
  • Focus on what you want to happen or what you would like to achieve
  • Be mindful of the power of your thoughts

The Energy of Leo

Leo is all about following your heart and shining bright like a beacon.

Many of us dim our light too often these days. Don’t you agree? When Leo comes along he asks:

  • Where are you dimming your light?
  • Where are you playing small?
  • What does following your heart look like to you?

Mantra for this New Moon

I step into who I was always meant to be with courage and confidence

It’s time to dare to do whatever it takes to be who you are meant to be. Are you ready?

Keywords for the New Moon in Leo

  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Leadership
  • Playfulness

When is the New Moon in Leo?

I’m in the UK and the New Moon is at 04:11 on Thursday 1st August.

In the USA the New Moon falls on the 31st making this the second new moon in the same month which is also known as a Black Moon.

Here’s a link to find out what time it is in your part of the world.

I’ve also included some time zones below for quick reference. 

  • UK – GMT – Thursday 1st August @ 04:11
  • USA – PDT – Wednesday 31st July @ 20:11
  • USA – MST- Wednesday 31st July @ 20:11
  • USA – EST – Wednesday 21st July @ 22:11
  • Australia – AWST – Thursday 1st August @ 11:11 (great number for you guys)
  • Australia – AEST – Thursday 1st August @ 13:11
  • New Zealand – Thursday 1st August @ 15:11

What does it mean when the New Moon is in Leo?

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon meet in the sky causing the Moon to go dark when viewed from the Earth. This phase is all about new beginnings and planting the seeds for the future.

The sign of the zodiac in which the new moon occurs themes the whole of the lunar cycle (from New Moon to New Moon). Leo is ruled by the Sun which is associated with identity and life purpose. The lion is a symbol of courage, justice, power and strength. While the element of fire is bold and dramatic.

Things to do on a New Moon

New Moon Tarot and Oracle Card Spread

I love drawing my cards on the New and Full Moon’s. Check out this spread to help you connect with the New Moon energy.

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8 Things to do on a New Moon

For a more detailed guide on what to do on a New Moon check out the article below.

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