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New Moon in Sagittarius – December 2018

What is a New Moon All About?

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon meet in the sky causing the Moon to go dark when viewed from the Earth. The New Moon falls between the Waning Crescent (Balsamic Moon) and the Waxing Crescent Moon phases.

The New Moon is all about new beginnings, planting the seeds for the future and making plans. This is a time for contemplation and planning rather than action. This phase encourages introspection and connecting with our deeper selves and to do this in the modern world it’s essential that we slow right now.

As we head towards the New Moon we find that our energy levels start to drop. I know I’m certainly feeling it. This dark phase we’re in now encourages slowing down, healing and soothing. However there is a heaviness with it this time around. Are you feeling the same?

Usually for me the day before and the day of the New Moon are personal days for me as I tend to slow down and feel unmotivated for action. This month has been different and the slow down started as soon as we began the balsamic phase on Monday.

When is the December New Moon?

The Sagittarius New Moon is on the 6th/7th December. Find out the exact date and time for where you are >>HERE<<

This December New Moon is the last lunar cycle of the year so let’s make the most of it.

What Does it Mean when the New Moon is in Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is the centaur and loves travel and adventure but can do this in an over excited way making us clumsy and haphazard. Try to keep yourself grounded and centred where possible.

This New Moon occurs at 15 degrees in Sag (right in the middle of the sign) and it’s ruling planet Jupiter is going to be conjunct which means the energies are bound together i.e. they work in conjunction with each other. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and encourages expansion as long as we’re willing to come out of our comfort zone.

This New Moon is occurring at 15 degrees Sagittarius, which is the peak of the sign. This is opening the door to the middle path, the balanced energy of this archetype. And though there are factors trying to throw us off, we have the perfect centre and gravity to stay anchored and connected to the best of all sides.” 

Arik Xander

The theme for this New Moon is around healing while Sagittarius is asking that we are working within our true life purpose. Sag is the philosopher of the zodiac and encourages freedom and choosing a road less travelled for our journey. Are you feeling the urge to break free from the mundane and boring?

Think about Sagittarius as the archer who is pointing his arrows in the direction he is heading. This is where knowing your purpose is important as we need to make sure we are going the right way. This requires that we no who we are, what we want, what will make us happy etc.

As we head toward the New Moon we are bringing up the shadow of this sign which in this case will show where we don’t feel passionate about the path we’re on. Ask yourself – Am I in alignment with my true purpose right now?

“The symbol for Sagittarius is the archer’s arrow, a reminder to maintain focus. Let go of distractions. Release limiting thought patterns, possessions or people in your life who you feel are holding you back. Just like the archer, keep your eye on your goal.” 

Kathryn Andren, The Love Astrologer

What to do on the Sagittarius New Moon

  • Plan a trip or holiday
  • Think about your goals and plans for the future
  • Determine if you’re in alignment with your true purpose
  • Disconnect and Unplug
  • Declutter your environment
  • Detox the body and mind
  • Yoga for healing
  • Meditate
  • Make a Wish and perform a manifestation ritual
  • Journal to connect with your deeper self
  • Use your tarot and oracle cards

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