New Moon in Scorpio – Transformation

October New Moon in Scorpio – Magickal Transformation

At the time of the New Moon the Sun and the Moon are at the same point in the sky making the Moon difficult to see from the Earth.

Just as the dark sky has a specific energetic vibration so does the dark moon. Darkness can be quiet, still and calming or it can be frightening, unknown and surprising. It’s up to us to decide which vibration we are going to embrace during this time.

As well as the physical darkness experienced at this time we also have an emotional darkness to contend with. We are encouraged to spend more time looking inwards rather than outwards for the answers to our questions.

Inside we face our fears, blocks and self-judgement and this can feel like a challenging place to hang out. However, the work we do here is valuable and strengthening.

The new moon is a time of new beginning and it’s important that we don’t set off towards our goals and dreams in the same way we always have done. In fact, doing things differently and trying something new will no only bring variety to our lives but also help us to try things from another perspective.

Each new moon cycle is themes by the sign of the zodiac it is transiting through at the time, and in this case it is Scorpio who’s major theme and energy is one of transformation. Each of us will feel the vibration of the Scorpio New Moon.

This new moon is intense, magickal and transformational but some work is required to reap the benefits. This is the time to change bad habits into good ones. Stop old patterns of behaviour and beliefs. And really dig down below the surface to resolve your fears.

The Energy of Scorpio

Scorpio is magickal, mysterious and intense. This sign can often be overwhelming as things which were once hidden come to the surface during this time of transformation.

As a water sign Scorpio is connected to emotions and we are encouraged to really be immersed in the energy and vibration of our emotions, feelings and reactions during this time.

This sign wants us to have the full human experience in whatever form that takes, and although it’s not always easy the resulting growth is worth it.

During Scorpio season we are often reminded that life can be challenging but these struggles are how we build strength. This isn’t a time to wish for an easier life but instead to learn the lessons presented to us as quickly and efficiently as possible while using the resources around us. We have just come out of Libra season and one of the lessons there was that we don’t have to do it alone.

Find out more about Libra and the New Moon in Libra in my blog – New Moon in Libra, Balance & Harmony

Lessons from the Scorpio New Moon

As a water moon we are confronted by our emotions but at the same time encouraged o have more control over our own feelings and reactions to external influences. If you have ever experienced the physical effects of emotional stress then you will understand how powerful this type of control really is. Journaling about good and bad emotions as well as your reactions to situations is a great practice during this time.

Setting your Intentions on the New Moon

As you set your intentions, wishes and goals this new moon consider your relationship with each wish, dream and goal.

  • Are you in alignment with what you want to achieve?
  • Are you setting yourself up for success or failure with your commitment to that intention?
  • Do you truly believe that you are capable of achieving everything you wish for?

These are hard questions which need to be asked.

Consider what you want to achieve between the new moon in Scorpio and the energetic climax of the lunar cycle which is the Full Moon in Taurus two weeks after the new moon.

Also look further ahead over the next 6 months when the Moon becomes full in the sign of Scorpio signifying the end of a cycle.

Your wishes are made with a vibrational frequency and the energy you put behind each one send a message to the universe. This is why it’s so important to be in alignment with your goals, wish, intentions and dreams.

You are free to wish or anything you want on a new moon. However I recommend tapping into the energy of Scorpio during this time as it is cosmically supported. Consider transformation, hidden lessons and emotional reactions as you make your list

Create a New Moon Wishing Tree

Looking to get creative this new moon? Then check out my New Moon Wishing Tree tutorial .

When is the New Moon in Scorpio?

I’m in the UK and the New Moon is at 3:38 AM GMT on Monday 28th October .

Here’s a link to find out what time it is in your part of the world.

I’ve also included some time zones below for quick reference. 

  • UK – GMT – Monday 28th October @ 03:38
  • USA – PDT – Sunday 27th October @ 20:38
  • USA – MST- Sunday 27th October @ 20:38
  • USA – EST – Sunday 27th October @ 22:38
  • Australia – AWST – Monday 28th October @ 11:38
  • Australia – AEST – Monday 28th October @ 13:38
  • New Zealand – Monday 28th October @ 16:38

Things to do on a New Moon

Looking for ideas of things to do on a new moon, then check out the below blog article.Read in Full

New Moon Tarot and Oracle Card Spread

I love drawing my cards on the New and Full Moon’s. Check out this spread to help you connect with the New Moon energy.

Inspiration and Guidance for this New Moon

I like to connect to the guidance of some of my favourite authors during the lunar cycle. Here are a collection of quotes to support this New Moon in Scorpio. Which is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below.

The New Moon in Scorpio is one of the most difficult of the New Moons to endure……………On the raging moon we deal with our irrational desires and selfishness, all parts of ourselves that we were taught to repress. The raging moon is one of the best times for shadow work, the task of going down into one’s psychological cellar and learning to love the most unacceptable part of oneself for what it is, with no attempts to change it. Healing is not the point here. Understanding is the point, deep understanding that leads to compassion in the end.

Moon Phase Astrology – Raven Kaldera

Whether you are someone who is always out with a different friend or someone who likes to hang out on your own, you will notice a desire for less social interaction. There is something pulling you inward and downward. Metaphors such as going into a cave or being submerged under water are fitting.

Astrology of the Moon – Amy Herring

Invest Wisely. Financial partnerships also come under the New Moon in Scorpio. In other words, where your money meets, or works with, someone else’s. Some obvious scenarios include salary, credit cards and debts as well as mortgages, wills and in inheritances. If you want to start or finish a financial partnership, now is a good time for it.

Moonology – Yasmin Boland

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