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New Moon in Virgo

August/September New Moon in Virgo – Grounded, Organised and Worthy

The New Moon in Virgo will be happening at 6 degrees in Virgo and signifies a time when the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of organisation, boundaries and self-worth.

Virgo is the sign of the goddess, the mother, the virgin and she teaches us that we are already whole by showing us how to tune into our unique gifts, talents and skills.

Around the time of the New Moon we begin to feel tied as the Waning phase encourages us to soothe, heal and surrender. This is a very important action to take in the cycle as what we do here recharges us ready for a new and exciting cycle ahead.

During the time of the new moon we set our intentions for the cycle ahead. These can be in the form of a list of goals and dream, wishes or things you would like to manifest. It doesn’t matter how you do this, what’s important is the positivity of your intentions.

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Setting intentions on the New Moon

When you are setting your intentions for the lunar cycle head consider the following:

  • Keep your thoughts as positive as you can
  • Focus on what you want to happen or what you would like to achieve
  • Be mindful of the power of your thoughts

The Energy of Virgo

Virgo wants you to know that you are already enough just as you are. However this is often hard for us to tap into when we allow feelings of insecurity and inadequacy to be part of our daily lives.

Have you noticed how we give these emotions and space in our lives without a second thought?

Often this is down to a level of perfection expectation which is completely unachievable. Does this resonate with you?

It’s important during this lunar cycle that you break away from the perfectionism which is holding you back and explore the skills and talents you have inside you.

Don’t believe you have any skills or talents? Well, that’s just not true at all. Your gifts are the things which make you unique. Perhaps you take them for granted or assume that everybody can do what you do. Maybe, you haven’t nurtured you talent and it’s become redundant. Never assume that talent is just there, it needs to be cared for so that it grows and blossoms.

Virgo is an Earth sign which is great for getting grounded and getting organised. However for both of these things, healthy boundaries must be in place. Do you have those?

If you often feel overwhelmed, exhausted or drained of energy then perhaps you are putting the needs of others before your own. Have you heard the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? Well, keep it in mind when you go about your day serving others. It’s important that you take periods of rest to recharge those batteries. How about scheduling in some non-negotiable ME time into your calendar? This is something I do every week. Wednesday is MY day and I love it.

What does it mean when the New Moon is in Virgo?

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon meet in the sky causing the Moon to go dark when viewed from the Earth. This phase is all about new beginnings and planting the seeds for the future.

The sign of the zodiac in which the new moon occurs themes the whole of the lunar cycle (from New Moon to New Moon). Virgo is ruled by Mercury who is all about communication and learning. The symbol of the virgin/maiden is associated with modesty and humanity. And then the element of Earth brings in that solid grounding energy to balance things out for us.

When is the New Moon in Virgo?

I’m in the UK and the New Moon is at 11:37 AM on Friday 30th August. For us, this the second new moon in the same month which is also known as a Black Moon.

Here’s a link to find out what time it is in your part of the world.

I’ve also included some time zones below for quick reference. 

  • UK – GMT – Friday 30th August @ 11:37
  • USA – PDT – Friday 30th August @ 03:37
  • USA – MST- Friday 30th August @ 03:37
  • USA – EST – Friday 30th August @ 05:37
  • Australia – AWST – Friday 30th August @ 18:37
  • Australia – AEST – Friday 30th August @ 20:37
  • New Zealand – Friday 30th August @ 22:37

Things to do on a New Moon

Looking for ideas of things to do on a new moon, then check out the below blog article.

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Inspiration and Guidance for this New Moon

I like to connect to the guidance of some of my favourite authors during the lunar cycle. Here are a collection of quotes to support this New Moon in Virgo.

Maiden’s Moon – The New Moon in Virgo

On the Maiden’s Moon, we go alone to a beautiful place and work on being at ease without the presence of our fellow humans. How can we find solace in solitude rather than desperately trying to fill the room with other auras? It’s a good time for solitary work, but an even better time for quietly observing beauty and ‘sitting with time’ as my grandmother used to put it. If you work, then let it be something repetitive that allows you to concentrate on a meditative space, turning the work into a background rhythm.

Raven Kaldera – Moon Phase Astrology

New Moon in Virgo

Take an inventory – Pay attention to the details. Do and inventory of your life. Work out what’s working and what isn’t. Virgo as a reputation for being picky – too right!. The image for the sign of Virgo recalls the people who once used their powers of discernment literally to sort the wheat from the chaff – back in the days of people-skilled agriculture. So use the energies this months to thing about where in your life you need to makes changes. Pay particular attention to your daily routines.

Moonology – Yasmin Boland

When the Moon is in Virgo

No matter your Moon sign, take extra good care of yourself during the Virgo Moon phase with healthy good, love and healing treatments. If anxiety starts to get the better of you, that’s your cue to take time out.

Moon Power – Simone Butler

Navigate your Day with the Moon in Virgo

When we are critical of the world, we turn this perception inward. too, becoming unusually aware of our own foibles, and we grow self-conscious or insecure. We may feel unready and won’t thank you for pointing any of this out.

Moon Wisdom – Heather Roan Robbins

The Energy of the Goddess is Here

From a grounded place, we can then feel into our uniqueness. The Season of Virgo is a time to feel your power and the gifts which only you hold. Once you can feel these gifts, the next step is to embrace them and your self-worth. Only after you realize how special, and perfect, they are then you can give them to the world. Enjoy this Season and remember, that no one is you and that is true power in this world. Align with Virgo for the next four weeks to feel into this truth.

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