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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

A solar eclipse only happens during a new moon. For a full moon it’s a lunar eclipse.

Solar eclipse energy can be intense as it’s aim is to encourage big change in our lives. When we resist the flow things can get uncomfortable which means being open to change is the best way to be right now.

In the sign of Cancer, the new moon theme for the cycle ahead is all about home and family, security and protection.

Cancer is a water sign, so there maybe an element of emotional sensitivity around as well as the urge to do some internal work and look inwards for the answers rather than out into the external world.

Taken from The Magickal Moon Club New Moon in Gemini Guide and Workbook
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When is the New Moon in Cancer?

I’m in the UK and the New Moon is at 20:16 on Tuesday 2nd July.

Here’s a link to find out what time it is in your part of the world.

I’ve also included some time zones below for quick reference. 

What does it mean when the New Moon is in Cancer?

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon meet in the sky causing the Moon to go dark when viewed from the Earth. This phase is all about new beginnings and planting the seeds for the future.

The sign of the zodiac in which the new moon occurs themes the whole of the lunar cycle (from New Moon to New Moon). Cancer is ruled by the Moon which triggers elements of instinct and protection to come to the surface. The symbol of the Crab highlights the protective outer shell and the vulnerable or less protected internal self. And as a water sign there is also an element of emotional sensitivity and feelings going on too.

Taken from The Magickal Moon Club New Moon in Gemini Guide and Workbook
Find out more about the Magickal Moon Club >>Here<<

For a more detailed guide on what to do on a New Moon check out the article below.

Your Guide to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Inside The Magickal Moon Club I create three guides each month, one of which is a New Moon Guide for the specific energies of that New Moon. I also create a monthly cycle guide and a Full Moon Guide.

The Guide includes:

  • Introduction to the energy of the New Moon in Cancer
  • Keywords to guide you through the energy
  • The Influence of Cancer
  • What to expect when the Moon is in Cancer
  • Planetary Aspects and Influences
  • Planetary Retrogrades
  • New Moon Wishes Ritual
  • Journaling questions for a deep dive into the lessons for you to work with during this phase
  • Exclusive Tarot and Oracle Card Spread to take your deep dive even further (p.s. I’m known for creating ass-kicking spreads!)

To find out more and join today just click the image below!

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