Oracle & Tarot Spreads

I love working with Oracle & Tarot card spreads because:

  • They help me to explore the questions I would usually avoid
  • I find exploring the story laid out before me a great tool for learning perspective and compassion in every day life
  • I discover new things about myself and my personal journey
  • The combination of gentle and strong messages supports my learning and development
  • I can quickly tap into the energy of a situation, problem and ultimately find the solution
  • I give myself permission to go deep and learn as much as I can
  • It’s one of the best tools for healing, growth and evolution that I can use
  • It’s great therapy
  • And it’s lot’s of fun!

To help you enjoy these benefits too I’ve created two amazing Oracle and Tarot card spread Mega-Bundles for a year of self-discovery and exploration.

You can choose from:

Choose from the options below to order the Double Deal or a single bundle.

Double Deal Mega Bundle

Grab both the Oracle and Tarot Spread Mega Bundle and the 24 Moons Mega Bundle for £49.99 and save £12.01.

Oracle & Tarot Spread Mega-Bundle
Oracle & Tarot Spread Mega-Bundle

Grab your Mega-Bundle for £47.00

Discount Deal for Both Mega-Bundles!
24 Moons Lunar Spread Bundle

Grab your 24 Moons Bundle for £15.00

Want to know more before you buy?

To find out more about each of the spread packs and what spread are all about check out the links below.

Take a Look Inside

Oracle & Tarot Spread Layout Mega Bundle

Let me show you what’s inside your 40 plus pages of self-discovery

Take a Look Inside

24 Moons Spread Layout Mega Bundle

Let me show you what’s inside your 30 plus pages of New and Full Moon Spreads