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Ostara Magick

Celebrate the festival of Ostara on the Spring Equinox – 20th March 2021

Ostara Magick

Your Practical and Creative Guide to Exploring Ostara

What is Ostara? 

At the Spring Equinox, we celebrate the festival of Ostara on the Wheel of the Year. This festival is connected to the change of season from Winter to Spring and the turning of the astrological wheel as the Sun enters the sign of Aries marking the astrological New Year.  

Is Ostara the Same Thing as Easter? 

Ostara is a modern pagan festival but it is possible that Easter absorbed some of the more ancient practices at this time. As a result many of the themes of Easter also translate well into Ostara. 

How to Explore Ostara

As Ostara is all about fertility, regeneration and renewal, we celebrate by honouring symbols associated with these theses such as eggs, seedlings and colourful blooms. 

What is Ostara Magick?

Ostara Magick is an online self-paced guide to working with the energies of Ostara in a creative and practical way

Connect with the Natural Magickal Cycles 

Are you ready to find your flow and tune into the natural cycles of the planet and the cosmos?


  • Feeling in flow with the changing of the seasons
  • Making time to be creative and explore your inner child
  • Understanding the ebb and flow of energy through creative self-care
  • Connecting with the life-giving energy of Spring and infusing it into your daily life. 

Let’s take a look inside

Inside Ostara Magick you get access to a personal members area where you will find everything you need to bring a little Magicak into Ostara. 

Ostara Magick Include:

Creative Content Summary

  • Paper Daffodils – Make your own spring flowers to decorate your altar and home
  • Cosmic Egg – Let your inner child run free with Cosmic Galaxy Egg Painting
  • Brown Paper Nest – Build a nest for your egg with woven brown paper and feathers. 

Ostara Bonuses

Start or add to your own Book of Shadows as you learn about the Magick of Ostara: 

  • Tarot & Oracle – Enjoy an exclusive Tarot & Oracle Card Spread to explore the season 
  • Correspondences – Keep track of the decorations, themes, herbs, flowers and other items associated with the festival of Ostara. 
  • The Wheel of the Year – Understand where it features of the Wheel of the Year
  • History of Ostara – Explore Ostara over the years along with its modern revival

01 Growth


Spring Daffodil

Using crepe paper, create your own spring daffodils to use year after year.

Inside Ostara Magick

My video tutorials show you step by step how to create these gorgeous flowers from crepe paper. 

02 Fertility


Cosmic Egg Decoration

Paint a galaxy on an egg to honour the planet and the cosmos during the Spring Equinox

Inside Ostara Magick

Watch my cosmic egg painting tutorial for guidance and inspiration. 

03 Protection


Brown Paper Nest

Using brown paper and little imagination I show you how to craft a protective nest for your cosmic egg. 

Inside Ostara Magick

You get a step by step guide to building a paper nest

04 Guidance


Tarot Spread

Grab your cards and use my exclusive Tarot & Oracle card spread to tap into the theme of Ostara

Inside Ostara Magick

Download the PDF spread and guidelines to working with Tarot & Oracle card spreads. 

05 Learn


The Wheel of the Year

Learn about the history of Ostara and how it fits into the Wheel of the Year

Inside Ostara Magick

Download my hand-drawn Wheel of the Year guide and a brief history of the festival of Ostara

06 Magick


Book of Shadows

What are the Magickal Correspondences of Ostara? What rituals can be used to welcome the season at the Spring Equinox? 

Inside Ostara Magick

Download your own book of shadow pages of correspondences and invocation to welcome the energy of the Spring Equinox


How Much is Ostara Magick?

About Me….

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the stars and planets and I spent evenings looking through a telescope with my Dad in the garden.

Back then I had no idea of the emotional and spiritual impact of the lunar cycles or the other stuff going on in the cosmos.

My spiritual journey began many years later with the need to heal from trauma and with it I discovered the power of creativity, journaling and working with tarot and oracle cards.

I was fascinated by space, the Moon and the more Magickal way of life and with that, I started to investigate lunar astrology and the Wheel of the Year and what it could mean for me.

I struggled to find fun ways to connect with the changing of the seasons and the ebb and flow of the energies of the planet and the stars so I began creating beautiful things for my altar during the changing of the seasons and significant astrological events. From here Ostara Magicka and other self-paced courses were born. 

And now I’m here to share the wonder of working with the cycles of life with you. 


Magickal Friends


“The Moon Portal has enriched my life and empowered me to follow the NATURAL cycles of our moon. The guidance I receive keeps me focused and on task, and my resistance has changed knowing that it is all about energy and working with it, not against it. I am Grateful and Blessed by Sarah Cornforth’s gifts!”

Nancy – Lunar Lover


” I LOVE how much information is included but it’s laid out so simply that I don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s all easy to follow and the artwork is stunning “

Sarah – Lunar Lover