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What is Ostara? 

Ostara (pronounced o-star-ah) is another name for the Spring or Vernal Equinox when night and day are at equal length.  Ostara also signifies the first day of Spring.  Witches call this time Ostara after the Germanic fertility goddess Ostare. It’s not just pagans and witches who celebrate this time of the year, the return of Spring is celebrated all over the world from Christian Easter to Jewish Passover. 

When is Ostara?

Ostara occurs at the Spring or Vernal Equinox which falls between 20th and 22nd March. This year (2019) it falls on 20th March.  

So why does the date fluctuate year to year?

Well, that’s because Ostara is celebrated by witches and pagans when the Sun enters 0 degrees of Aries in the Astrological charts and is therefore an astrological event rather than a specific date.  

How to Celebrate Ostara

The Spring Equinox is a reminder to plant seeds, both metaphorically and physically for what we want to grow and blossom in the future. It’s also important not to forget what was accomplished during the slower colder winter months too.

1. Decorate your altar

Use floral colours associated with spring, decorations, coloured candles, painted eggs, symbols of the rabbit or hare and an offering of milk or honey for the faeries. For crystals, use Citrine, Clear Quartz and Aventurine. And for tarot use cards such as the High Priestess and Nine of Cups.

2. Meditate

Spend time reconnecting with yourself and getting emotionally and mentally ready for this period of growth and make a commitment to do so regularly from now on.

3. Spring Cleaning

Out with the old and in with the new is the theme here. Remove the old stagnant energy of winter by cleaning, clearing and cleansing your home and garden.

4. Plant bulbs and seeds in the garden

Ostara is all about growth and new beginnings so spend time planting bulbs and seeds in your garden. Vegetable gardeners start to prepare and plant crops at this time of the year.

5. Get into nature

Right now, nature is waking up from its winter sleep. Spend time outside and notice the changes and growth that come with the beginning of spring.

6. Decorate Eggs

In an old German story, a rabbit laid some sacred eggs and decorated them as a gift for the fertility goddess Ostare. She liked them so much that she asked the rabbit to share them with the world. The egg represents the promise of new life and painting them bright colours highlights the energy of this Sabbat.

Hand Drawn Wheel of The Year Artwork

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