Receiving Channeled Guidance

I’ve recently had the absolute pleasure of receiving channeled guidance through the wonderful Cat Knott……and boy did it blow my mind!

Since the time of the message I have wanted to write an article about this experience because I know not everyone will understand what a channelled message is all about, how it works and what the benefits are to the recipient.

To help me address these things for you I will be sharing some of the actual guidance I received, dive into how I process the information and how I then plan to ‘use’ this in my life.

I have also asked Cat to explain more about the service she provides so you can understand this from both sides.

Cat’s Channeled Wisdom

As I’ve already mentioned Cat’s reading literally blew me away. I’d vaguely asked for some guidance about my creative path not really knowing exactly what I wanted. I was feeling a bit stuck so I was open to anything.

The channeled message acknowledged where I was right now, how I’d been feeling and the background which had brought me here.

As well as understanding the importance of my creative path for me personally, I was shown how important my creativity is to the world which gave me a deep sense of calm and understanding that I didn’t expect.

Where do the messages come from?

This is a question I asked Cat to explain for us, and here’s what she said:

This is a really interesting question, and one that I’ll answer differently than many channelers out there. I don’t use a name, a hierarchy, or any sort of label for the energy that I receive, and I won’t give them one, nor do I believe that it’s important. And that’s why I love answering this question, because let’s be honest we all want to know names, and where we fit into the model of this complicated mixed up, messed up life don’t we? But, we’re living in a time where we are all being called to remember our connection to all that is, and to remember our ability to tap into the formless creative conscious and wisdom that we are each a temporary, individualised, part of. I’ve been taught directly by who I affectionately call (for ease of description only) ‘The Crew’ for well over 10 years now, and they are a collective collaboration of energies at the vibration of oneness. They’re not manifest in any way, as many channelled ‘entities’ or light beings are, and they are of the form of a loving nebular consciousness which shifts and changes depending on the vibration of energy required to answer a specific call or question.

My initial reaction of my received message

I’m a very big believer in everything (even the crappy stuff) happens for a reason and when Cat came onto my radar through a recommendation I just knew I needed to hear what she had to say.

My spiritual journey has been fast tracked over the past couple of years and I am open to every possibility and potential. I no longer see the world in the same 3D way I used to but instead I can see invisible connections and layers upon layers of stuff we miss if we don’t take the time to notice.

Spiritual guidance is my trigger to slow down for a moment and notice the ‘other’ stuff. The silent stuff. The stuff that is a shame to miss because it’s what makes life beautiful.

When I listened to the first words from Cat’s recording I felt a instant sense of contentment as I knew I was meant to hear this.

The 30 minute recording was absolutely jam packed with information and I knew I would need to listen to it a number of times to hear everything.

At the end of the recording I had tears running down my cheeks, not from sadness but from feeling that I’d just experienced something very significant and important. And just so you know, I’m not the tearful type, so this was unusual for me.

Is Cat aware of the messages as they come to her?

I was so curious about hearing Cat’s answer to this one as during the recording I can tell that it’s not Cat who is talking to me. The placement of words in the sentence is different to how we expect communication to be, and although it is unusual it’s still very easy to understand. In fact, easier in some ways as I really felt that words were only chosen because they were essential and not to fill a silence.

Here’s Cat’s reply:

Well, the answer to this is both yes and no. I am aware, but I’m also not. I’ve learned with my team over the years, that they know I need to have a general understanding of a direction, for me to feel comfortable enough to be open to let the words flow freely. So, they immediately give me a simple word, phrase or feeling about where the direction of the message will go. For you Sarah, for example, I received a knowing of the words ‘creative evolution’, and a feeling of an expansiveness around that phrase. That meant I knew we would be heading that way, and once I feel settled in a direction I know that the words will start to flow from that point. After that I start with the word “Welcome…” and speak aloud whatever comes. This is the point that I trust in the process and let go. I have no idea what’s coming next, and I listen as well as speak at the same time. Once we get to the end of the recording I generally can’t recall the words I’ve said (except perhaps one or two key phrases which I know are really important for me to be aware of), but even though I can’t remember the words, I have full knowing and understanding of the energy that’s been transmitted throughout the whole message. 

What was in my message?

There is so much to my message that I could write a book about it. But I want to share some of my biggest takeaway’s with you.

Remember my question was a very vague enquiry about my creative journey and right at the start I was told:

….It is not so much a creative journey as a creative evolution as this evolution of you has at its core an essence of creativity that is building your own self from the inside out…..

BOOM! Well that got my interest for sure. Isn’t that just the best thing for a frustrated creative to hear? Plus, my creative journey began because I needed to heal and after being damaged so badly in the past a rebuild was certainly the only way to go.

The message continues:

…..Now is the time in this evolution where you are to create from your own connection to creation itself. To create from the inside out. To create from every element of everything that you already are……

…..And your misunderstanding, miscommunication, of where you believe your creative journey and creative process is taking you is that you are looking for reference points on the outside of where you should take this next. Where is my next step? Where should I go? Where is the sensible step to take next?…..

And here the nail was hit square on the head. My current creative frustration has been that I can’t process my creativity. I’ve been trying to evolve but in a linear manner which can be planned an quantified. And although I’ve known this has been a problem for me, I’ve had no idea how to change it.

This clarification for me was incredible and only a few moments into the recording told me something it would have taken me months to work out myself. The next part I share just confirms this even more for me:

…..You are hitting steps along the way where that does not seem logical, that does not seem like the right box. That does not seem like, in human terms, that that would be the correct step to take. 

And yet we say to you that the creative force that flows through you has its own flow, has its own roots, has its own growth process. Has its own evolution……

And not only did I obtain confirmation of where my blocks lie… logic, I was also praised for my choice in business name, which I have to admit, made me feel extremely proud.

……And you as the Creatrix of all of this. You as the creator. And we bravo you as you have chosen your name well. You as the creator of all that you are bringing into this world…….

Why are the entities supporting us with these messages?

I’m always curious to the ‘why’ of everything, I wonder if it’s because as humans we are naturally suspicious. Here’s what Cat had to say in answer to this question:

For me, that’s kind of like asking why your higher self is on your side – it’s a bit of a no-brainer – of course it is! The Universe (in the greatest expansive ‘energetic’ version of that word) and everything in it, is always on our side. We all are connected at every level, our individual selves, higher consciousness and life itself are all part of the same benevolent loving energy, its just in this instance we are allowing higher consciousness to speak directly from that place of love and higher perspective.  

How to get the most out of a channeled reading

This is really important!

Have you ever had a tarot reading or a counselling session and then gone away and done nothing with all that valuable information? Yeah me too! These days I make a point to maximise on every bit of support and guidance that comes my way. I make time for this as it’s important.

I asked Cat – How do you recommend getting the most out of the channeled reading with you? And here’s what she had to say;

I’d always suggest to listen to the message multiple times. On the first listening you’ll be hearing the words and receiving the energy transmission in the same moment, so straight after that it’s often that our human brain can kick in and come up with all sorts of nonsense around the expansiveness of what you’re hearing and feeling. After that I’d say listen to it again after a while and you’ll find a deeper understanding of the words and hear things that maybe you didn’t hear or connect with first time around. After that, it’s up to you.  I always think we can listen to our own intuition, which will nudge us to listen to anything like this again when there is something we need to be reminded of, to give us an energy top up, or to keep us expanded and in that energy of loving support from all there is. 

My final conclusions and going forward

I’ve only given you a very small snapshot of the expansive message I received. As I made notes a few things I wrote down have stuck out:

…..You are here to be a true lighthouse of the un-manifested magick that is the truth of the universe…..

…..All you need to do is be it with the non apologetic version of yourself because that is who you are…..

…..You are here to bring about a myriad of Soul-utions for what is required on this planet at that very moment…….

So what next? Well, listening and making notes is one thing and taking action is always another as action is where the magick happens.

When I review the recording it triggers creative ideas. Things I’ve still not started to work on because my logical mind tells me I’ve still got a few more rungs of the ladder to climb first. However the message I obtained clearly states that I must leave that thinking behind. And I am trying to do this.

Logical thought, structure and process have been my security blanket and safety net for a long time and the idea of going rogue and doing what I ‘feel’ is the right this to do is proving to be harder than I anticipated.

Not going for it is leaving me frustrated and stressed out so I am aware that I’m on the cusp of a transformation.

This guidance has helped me get to a place of knowing quicker than my own exploration would have done. It has also triggered a level of creative curiosity which I find exciting.

My plan is to listen to the 30 minute recording at least once a week while I work through this period of transformation. This will serve as a reminder and limit how distracted I get by the logical and structured side of things.

And as my Leo Sun wants to create and my Capricorn Moon wants to plan creativity I understand fully the theme of this message and it’s application to me personally.

Find our more about Cat

You totally need to find out more and here’s how.





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