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Attention Tarot & Oracle Deck Lovers!

Imagine if you could use your Tarot or Oracle cards for self-care and personal growth today? 

Or, let me rephrase that…..

What if you could remove any blocks you have to regularly work with your cards?

These blocks include feelings of self-doubt and worrying that you’re ‘not doing it right’

Working with Tarot and Oracle card spreads gives you a system to explore your cards in a guided and supportive way. 

Here’s the thing……

You know that working with your cards more often is a great tool for self-care, but you don’t know how to get the most from a reading. 

You find yourself:

  • Not knowing what questions to ask for best results
  • Unsure how to journal your guidance
  • With no idea how to apply what comes up to your daily life
Sarah Cornforth
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“I love the little 'clarity pointers' in Sarah's spreads as they help to frame the message. I'm a real fan of Sarah's spreads and the fact they can be used over and over again makes them great value! ”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Sarah Cornforth
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“Sarah’s card spreads reveal so much while unravelling my thoughts, giving me clarity and focus. Working with them feels like I’m bringing a little magic into the everyday - pure joy and pleasure. I cherish the time. To anyone considering - don’t wait. You won’t regret working with them.”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Sarah Cornforth
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“I've used many of Sarah's spreads an I've always really enjoyed them. I find the questions and prompts provide an easy but in depth way to get more from my readings. ”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Get Practical Guidance for Your Daily Life

Imagine creating a regular practice of working with your cards that brings practical and supportive guidance into your daily life.

With my Tarot and Oracle card spreads, you can quickly grab a deck, choose a spread, and enjoy a reading without having to work out what to ask to get the support you are looking for. 

You too can…..

  • Make time for a spiritual self-care practice
  • Learn to work with different decks
  • Get comfortable and familiar with the decks you already own
  • Create a regular guided journaling practice
  • Ask the tough questions for the most rewarding answers
  • Get the most out of every reading

If you want to create a regular guided Tarot and Oracle cards practice for self-discovery and personal growth, then the Tarot Spreads Shop is for you. 

Sarah Cornforth
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“What can I say about Sarah's spreads other than simply WOW!! Sarah is such a talented artist and spiritual teacher, and her spreads encapsulate all her talents, creating a huge catalyst for deep & impactful readings.

Grab one of Sarah's spreads, and you will never need to pay for a reading again, because these spreads cut through to the core of all things.

From compassion to butt kicks, clarity to being called out, confidence in decisions, to heads up on certain issues, they have the ability to take you exactly where you need to go.”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Sarah Cornforth
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“Sarah's spreads really get the cogs turning and the old grey matter working. They often show me so much more than I expected, and have the little light bulbs flashing. Sarah's spreads go surprisingly deep in their guidance, and the guidance I've received from it is quite profound. Thanks Sarah for providing yet more wonderful, thought provoking, tarot spreads.”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Here's What You Get...

Grab my Tarot & Oracle Card Spreads Whole Shop Bundle and you get the following bonuses….

  • The whole shop bundle of Tarot spreads
    • That’s 32 spreads over 9 categories (scroll down to see the whole spread shop)
  • Walk through video
    • Take a look behind the scenes at how I use my own spreads. Be inspired to get started for the first time or try a new way to mix things up a little. 
  • Bonus how to guides
    • Whether using tarot and oracle spreads are new to you or not, these guides will support your exploration and growth, making sure you get the most out of your spreads, decks and guidance. 
  • Future discounts to quarterly spread shop drops
    • The tarot spread shop will have quarterly shop drops, and as a pre-order bundle member, you get instant discounts to all future spread drops. 
  • Community support
    • Join my community of like-minded people to ask questions, explore your readings, and share your guidance. 

Whole Shop Bundle Coming 17th June

Or browse the spreads and select the journey you want to take below. 

What Makes These Spreads Different?

All of my spreads have additional prompts and guidance. This will encourage you to go deeper with your readings. I also make space for your journaling and use prompts to help you extract the information from each card. My spreads are easy to use and provide more insight than regular free spreads online. 

I’ve been creating spreads for years. In fact, when I decided to start the Tarot Spreads Shop, I had multiple notebooks with over 100 spreads to choose from.

I originally began working with spreads as a tool to explore my Tarot and Oracle card readings with a specific purpose or outcome in mind. This became a therapeutic practice and often helped me process what was going on in my life. I regularly use spreads as a form of journaling, and now I am excited to share this tool with you. 

The Tarot & Oracle Card Spreads

Getting Started Spreads

Check out these spread packs to get you started on your journey for just £3

Pack 1. Spreads for Getting to Know Your Decks

Explore each of the decks in your collection, and find out how they are here to help and guide you.

Spreads in the pack:

  • 🔮 Interview your deck
  • 🔮 A personal message from your deck

Coming Soon

Pack 2. Spreads for Looking Ahead

Ask for guidance on the things yet to come. 

Spreads in this pack:

  • 🔮 The day ahead
  • 🔮 The week ahead
  • 🔮 The month ahead

Coming Soon

Pack 3. Spreads for Tuning into the Moon

Explore the new and full Moons with extra guidance from your cards.

Spreads in this pack:

  • 🔮 New Moon manifestation
  • 🔮 Full Moon support and awareness

Coming Soon

Pack 4. Spreads for Asking a Question

When you want to know the answer to a specific question, these spreads will help. 

Spreads in this pack:

  • 🔮 Yes or no?
  • 🔮 Decision time

Coming Soon

Going Deeper Spreads

Check out these spread packs for going deeper with your readings for just £6

Pack 5. Spreads for Reflecting on Life

Take a deeper look at how your past, present and future impacts your life. 

Spreads in this pack:

  • 🔮 Dealing with the past
  • 🔮 Understanding the present
  • 🔮 Preparing for the future

Coming Soon

Pack 6. Spreads for Working with Astrology

Explore the guidance and messages from the stars by tuning into the Moon and astrology. 

Spreads in this pack:

  • 🔮 Completing a Cycle
  • 🔮 Mercury Retrograde
  • 🔮 Solar System Spread

Coming Soon

Pack 7. Spreads for Dealing with Change

Change is inevitable. Be guided by your cards during times of change and transformation. 

Spreads in this pack:

  • 🔮 Life audit
  • 🔮 Life's challenges
  • 🔮 Pulling the thread

Coming Soon

Natural Journeys Spreads

Check out these spread packs connected to the natural energy changes of the year for just £9

Pack 8. Spreads for the Wheel of the Year

Work with the eight festivals on the witches wheel of the year. 

  • 🔮 Samhain (All Hallows Eve)
  • 🔮 Yule (Winter Solstice)
  • 🔮 Imbolc (Candlemans)
  • 🔮 Ostara (Spring Equinox)
  • 🔮 Beltane (May Eve)
  • 🔮 Litha (Summer Solstice)
  • 🔮 Lammas (Lughnasadh)
  • 🔮 Mabon (Autumn Equinox)

Find Out More

Buy Now for £9

Pack 9. Spreads for the Seasons of the Year

Tune in to the changing seasons and the start of a new year. 

  • 🔮 The Year Ahead (New Year Spread)
  • 🔮 Hand Luggage Only (New Year Spread)
  • 🔮 The Season of Winter
  • 🔮 The Season of Spring
  • 🔮 The Season of Summer 
  • 🔮 The Season of Autumn

Coming Soon

Nice to Meet You!

Hey there, I’m Sarah and I’m so excited to share my spread creations with you.  

With hundreds of spreads in my collection and more being created every week, I want to make this tool for self-discovery, guidance and personal development available to anyone who wants to work with their cards, journal more often, and make time for growth and evolution. 

See you on the inside!

Sarah Cornforth Astrology & Artist Black

Sarah Cornforth, Astrologer and Artist

You have Questions?

I have answers!

I’ve never used a Tarot or Oracle spread before, are these spreads for beginners?

Anyone can use these spreads. In fact, I’m proud to say that my spreads have often been someone's first experience of exploring a card reading in this way. I’ve included additional guidance, prompts and steps to each spread to make the process smooth and enjoyable.

Do these spreads have to be used with Tarot cards only?

Not at all, you can use both Tarot and/or Oracle cards with all spreads. 

I’m new to Tarot, will I still be able to use these spreads?

Absolutely! In fact, I fully believe that using spreads is a great way to help learn the complex system of tarot.

Why would I choose to use a spread rather than just drawing a daily card for guidance?

Daily card draws are great, but they don’t have context. When using a spread, you are working with a theme that you want to explore. Spreads allow you to go deeper and explore further for maximum results

What do I do if I get stuck?

Don’t worry, you’re not expected to work it out for yourself. You have access to my online community space, where you can ask questions, share your readings, and discuss your experiences with myself and other like-minded peeps! 

Sarah Cornforth
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“I love Sarah’s Tarot/Oracle Spreads. Not only are they beautifully designed, they also have questions that you can focus on as you work with your chosen deck. I have discovered so much using her spreads, and she is now my instant go to for whenever I need a spread for a specific reason. Highly recommend”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Sarah Cornforth
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“I have used Sarah's tarot spread for years, I always look forward to them. The art work is always lovely around the spread, and I like the questions and how they lead on from each other. ”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Sarah Cornforth
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“Sarah's spreads help me to plan the month, the Moon cycles and the major astrological events. These spreads help me know what I may expect, what I need to prepare for emotionally, and help me explore what I'm going through in the moment and how to improve my life. ”

Cosmic Card Slinger