Phases of the Moon

The First Quarter Moon

When is the First Quarter Moon Phase?

The First Quarter Moon phase is often called the Half Moon because we can see exactly 50% of the Moon’s surface illuminated in the sky. It occurs between the Waxing Crescent and the Waxing Gibbous Moons. The Waxing Moon is the growing Moon.

Fun Fact: The Moon is now a quarter of the way around the Earth. 

What is the First Quarter Moon Good For?

  • Visibility: 50%
  • Duration: 7 days to 10.5 after New Moon
  • Keywords: Building, Shaping, Problem Solving, Increasing Confidence, Making a Commitment

From sowing the seeds and taking action, we now see things take shape. The results of the work and movement forward start to show, increasing confidence and encouraging an additional commitment to continue forward. Your ideas, dreams and wishes are beginning to develop into something tangible. This is all about taking the right steps to turn your dreams and goals into something real. 

“Illuminated action is essential to being effective with any desire or project”

Caroline Myss

This is the time where you can benefit from:

  • Making a commitment to keeping going
  • Making small changes as you continue to take action
  • Solving any problems as they arise
  • Making decisions which move you forward – don’t leave it until the next moon cycle
  • Determining what needs doing, then do what is most important 
  • Taking a mindful approach to the action steps going forward
  • Staying away from our need to feel busy without anything to show for your efforts
  • Getting clear about where you are going rather than doing stuff for the sake of it (avoid business for the sake of it – see above).

“In this lunar practice, at the First Quarter phase, the Moon is Illuminated in the sky and casts down light upon us we move into our own illuminated action here on Earth”

Ezzie Spencer – Lunar Abundance 

Where can we see this phase represented in in the world around us? 

  • As plants put down roots in their growth cycle
  • When spring becomes summer (Equinox)
  • Noon in the cycle of the day 
  • Three months after your birthday 

Making time for what you love

When we are in an action phase of the Moon cycle, it’s easy to just keep pushing without much thought for the consequences. The problem is that maintaining this pace for long periods of time isn’t possible. Soon your health, personal life, spiritual development and enjoyment starts to suffer as a result. 

Today’s society doesn’t reward us for taking time off, recharging the batteries or looking after ourselves. Instead, the expectation to be constantly connected, available and switched on is high. 

Working hard is seen as an achievement. Working constantly is given praise. And allowing yourself to become sick, run down and burned out is viewed as a weakness as though there must be something wrong with you to get in that state in the first place. And this is true. There is something wrong. You didn’t take enough time off to balance action with the more passive enjoyment of life. 

Why am I talking about this now when the First Quarter Moon asks us to move forward? 

Because here you are not being asked to be busy for the sake of it. You’re being guided to make smart decisions about how you use your time to work towards your goals. And that last bit is the key…….to work towards your goals. That doesn’t mean just doing stuff for everyone else until you’ve nothing left for yourself now does it? 

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