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Video 1. What’s This Moon Stuff All About?

In this video, we look at: 

  • Our historical and modern fascination with the Moon
  • How we have lost touch with our lunar connections 

Video Length: 5 minutes, 29 seconds

Video 2. Why You Should Work with the Moon

In this video, we look at:

  • Moon sign vs Sun sign
  • The Moon and your emotional needs
  • Daily Moon energy

Video Length: 8 minutes, 39 seconds

Video 3. How You Can Work with the Moon

In this video, we look at:

  • Connecting with the New and Full Moons
  • Connecting with the daily Moon 
  • Exploring your Moon Sign

Video Length: 7 minutes, 37 seconds

Sarah Cornforth
Astro (1)

“Thank you Sarah! I found this so interesting and I learnt a lot. I've printed the guides to help me understand the Moon signs more. ”

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