The Moon, Personal Growth

The Moon Made Me

Do It

“In my defence the Moon was Full and I was left unsupervised” 

The Power of the Moon

The Moon Made Me Do It” has been used as a meme all over social media and it always brings a smile to my face. I love it because it demonstrates the power of the lunar energies in our daily lives.

However, before we head into this article we need to get a few things straight.

The Moon doesn’t ‘make‘ you do anything.

Lunar energy doesn’t dictate your day as we all have free will, Instead, it can bring forward positive or challenging vibrations which can make us susceptible to certain choices, feelings, actions or emotions.

The Moon is the Earth’s fastest moving and closest planetary body and therefore has the biggest influence on how we feel and the things we do in our daily life. The energy she creates during its cycle is all around us.

Just as the Moon is able to impact something physical such as our ocean’s tides, she influences the non-physical too.

To understand what I mean, think back to the last time you struggled to sleep on a Full Moon or found yourself feeling ‘out of sorts’ for no reason. The energy of the Full Moon can be quite challenging, impacting sleep, mood, motivation, energy and productivity.

Whether you understand it or believe it or not, the Moon plays a bigger part in our daily lives than most people realise. We’ve just lost sight of it, that’s all.

"The Moon plays a much bigger part in our daily lives than most people realise"

What did the Moon make me do?

As I contemplated the statement ‘The Moon Made me Do It‘ it occurred to me that working with the Moon has encouraged me to do some pretty amazing things.

Here are some of the ways working with the lunar energies has improved my life:

  • I am more compassionate with myself through:
    • Making self care a regular practice
    • Having greater awareness of the things I find challenging
    • Making time for therapeutic creative practices
  • I regularly explore my thoughts and feelings by:
    • Journaling more often
    • Exploring old wounds
    • Practising gratitude & forgiveness
    • Understanding my inner world
    • Asking questions I would usually avoid
  • I make life easier for myself by:
    • Finding better solutions to my problems
    • Taking time to see things from the perspective of others
    • Setting regular goals and intentions
    • Finding my flow and working with my energy
  • I make time for my spiritual practice through:
    • The regular use of my tarot and oracle cards
    • Working with astrology in my daily life
    • Connecting with the energies all around me
    • Connecting to the natural cycles of the planet and the cosmos

Let me dive into a few of these in more detail and show you how you too can bring a little bit of lunar loving into your life.

"Working with the lunar energies has improved my life in so many ways"

The Moon & Self-Care

The Moon helps me to make time for self-care, personal development and my spiritual practice.

This is a big one to start with as it covers so much, but it demonstrates how my ‘Moon Work‘ brings all of these things into one place making it possible to fit more into my busy life.

Each month I schedule a couple of hours at each New and Full Moon into my calendar to work with the lunar energies.

I allow myself a minimum of 2 hours for each one which is 4 hours a month.

This may sound like a lot at first but when I think about it, if I can’t give myself four hours a month to do something which makes me feel better and is enjoyable to me then there is something wrong in my life that needs my immediate attention. Therefore, how much time I allow myself is a great barometer of what is going on with my life.

During this scheduled time I check in with:

  • how I’m doing
  • how I’m feeling
  • and explore what comes up for me

It’s basically a little personal therapy session guided by the Moon.

Before this became my regular practice for me, I very rarely checked in with how I was doing and only noticed when things were so out of balance that I was struggling with either my mental or physical health as a result.

The Moon helps me to see the challenges before they get out of control.

I have to hold my hands up and admit to being human and so I’m not perfect at this and I still have challenges.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and fatigue during lockdown, and I often push myself into burnout. But, I am more aware of my needs than I’ve ever been before and that has helped me immensely.

How you can use the Moon for self-care

  • Block time off in your calendar around each New and Full Moon. 

Go Time and Date to find out the time and date of the New and Full Moons where you live in the world and add them to your calendar. 

  • Make a list of self-care activities you would like to do during this time. For example:
    • Journaling
    • Reading
    • Using Tarot & Oracle cards
    • Relaxing
    • Spa treatment/pamper
    • Getting out into nature
    • Do something creative

You can also join the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal which is my online Moon Community and membership club. Inside the Portal each month you get access to a New and Full Moon guide and workbook to help you connect to the lunar energies, discover your personal lunar guidance and dive deep with journaling questions, astrology and tarot.

"Each month I schedule a couple of hours at each New and Full Moon into my calendar to work with the lunar energies."

The Moon & Achieving Your Goals

At every New Moon, I make a wish.

Well, I make a few actually.

With the help of the New Moon Wishes Worksheet and Ritual found in the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal I map out what I want to achieve for the cycle ahead.

The great thing about this is that I’m regularly reviewing my goals. This means I’m more consistent when actively moving towards what I want to achieve.

  • Some goals are small such as practising yoga twice a week or learn to papercraft flowers.
  • While other goals are much bigger such as double my business income or pass my driving test.

The key to this is that I tap into the energetic flow of the lunar cycle which supports new ideas, dreams and goals. I do this at every New Moon and this level of consistency really works.

How you can use the Moon to achieve your goals

  • At each New Moon make a list of your dreams and goals. Get really specific on what you want to achieve
  • Then during the course of the lunar cycle check in with those dreams and goals and make sure you are taking action to make them happen.
  • Just before the next New Moon, review your goals and make a list of your achievements and accomplishments.
  • Not all goals will have been achieved in just one cycle, so add bigger goals to your next New Moon wishes list and repeat the process again.

Inside the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal, we set wishes, intentions, goals and dreams that are in line with the specific energy of the New Moon at any given time. Each New Moon falls under a different sign of the zodiac making it supportive for different things. Working in flow with the lunar energies helps to boost your powers of manifestation.

"At each New Moon I set my intentions, make a wish and focus on what I want to manifest for the cycle ahead"

The Moon & Personal Development

Humans are complex.

The mind, our emotions, the reasons why we do what we do, our intentions, how we interact with others and who we are supposed to be in this world are all interconnected with our past, present and future.

It’s no wonder that we often struggle with this thing called life, don’t you agree?

Over the years, I have worked with the Moon to get to know and understand myself better. And I continue to do this regularly so that I can consistently work towards being the best version of myself.

As a result, I’m always growing, always evolving, always improving

Even when sometimes the changes seem too small to notice. They’re happening in the background and coming together to provide big results.

Moon work is part astrology, part psychology and part self-help.

  • Connecting with the sign of the zodiac for each New and Full Moon allowing me to focus on a different theme every cycle.
  • Exploring my natal chart to discover the lessons specific to me that are activated at each New and Full Moon.
  • Journaling to dive a little deeper and create a paper trail of my progress and explorations.
  • Using tarot and oracle card spreads to prompt me to explore something I may not have considered on my own

This system of exploration means that during the course of a year I’ve worked with a New Moon and a Full Moon in every sign of the zodiac allowing me to come full circle through the themes of the twelve signs.

In each case, I focus on a different life area in relation to where I am at that moment in time.

Then next year, I get to do it all over again but with one more year of experience, one more year of lessons, one more year of knowledge behind me.

Working with the Moon in this way allows me to grow and evolve at a pace I would be unable to achieve without this kind of structure and guidance.

How you can use the Moon for Personal Development

  • Start keeping a Moon journal which is basically just a notebook where you journal about your feelings, thoughts, goals, dreams, accomplishments and challenges at each New and Full Moon.
  • Allow yourself to do this for as many New and Full Moons in the year as you can and keep track of your progress, what you notice and how you feel along your lunar journey.
  • Make sure to take action. Journaling is great, but if you don’t take any action based on the insights you get then you won’t see the benefits. So write yourself a little action list after each session.

Inside the Magickal Moon Empowerment Portal, we journal, explore, discover and expand on your personal and spiritual development journey together.

"Moon work is part astrology, part psychology and part self-help."

Final Say

As you can see the Moon and me go waaaay back and we have been on quite the journey together.

I’m so grateful that I discovered how the Moon can support me while I discover who I am, how to heal and ways to grow.

Getting started doesn’t require any knowledge of astrology or the Moon as that stuff all starts to make sense along the way.

The important thing is getting started and I highly recommend taking time to connect with the energy of the New and Full Moon by grabbing your journal and starting a conversation about how you feel.

Keep going and allow this journey to evolve as you evolve too and make space for amazing things to happen in your life.

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