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....using the power of the Moon to commit to your self-care and personal growth in a way that has a practical impact on your daily life.

By tuning in to the energy of the new and full Moons, you can witness profound transformations in your awareness of what you need to create a happy and fulfilling life for yourself.

Each New and Full Moon highlights a distinct life area for you to explore and strengthen, resulting in improved mental health, personal development and spiritual evolution.

In a world that often feels chaotic and confusing, it’s up to you to take charge of your health and wellbeing. By working with the Moon, you begin a journey of self-care with a practical twist, allowing spiritual growth to become an essential and rewarding part of your modern daily life.

The Story of The Moon

New Moon

The New Moon 

Every four weeks, the Moon lines up between the Sun and the Earth, and we experience a new Moon.

This is a time of new beginnings and setting intentions.

The Full Moon

Two weeks later, the Sun and Moon are opposite each other, and we experience a full Moon.

This is a time of reflection and celebration.

Full Moon

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

During the year, we experience a new and full Moon in all twelve signs of the zodiac.

By tuning into each lunar event and exploring the zodiac theme, we are taken on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

And that’s where the Moon Portal comes in.


"My moon work is now an integral part of my self-care"

Sarah Cornforth
Ivette - Moon Portal Member

“I love being part of the Moon Portal. I have learned so much about the beautiful cycles of the moon, and how to more readily flow with those cycles in my own life. It has given me permission to observe my own energy and allow myself the rest I need. My moon work is now an integral part of my self-care. Thank you Sarah for all the love you put into this! ”

Moon Portal Member

Your Membership Includes....

Monthly Lunar Calendar

Worth £10

Follow the lunar energies and navigate your days with this quick reference guide to the month ahead

Weekly Lunar Forecast

Worth £50

Watch the video or listen to the weekly lunar forecast, and get a cosmic heads up to plan the week ahead in tune with the lunar energies.

2 Monthly Live Events

Worth £100

Get ready for the month ahead, tune in to the new Moon cycle, explore the full Moon vibe, and get your questions answered with regular live events

New Moon Guide, Workbook & Video

Worth £50

Explore the unique theme of each new Moon, and follow the guided journey inside the monthly guide and workbook. Unlock your personal lunar guidance for the cycle ahead through Tarot, Oracle, journaling and intention setting. 

Full Moon Guide, Workbook & Video

Worth £50

Tune into the energies of the energetic climax of the lunar cycle, and follow the guided journey inside the monthly guide and workbook. Embrace the power of the full Moon as part of your spiritual growth and personal evolution.

Cosmic Community


Hang out with myself and like-minded lunar lovers inside the dedicated community app (not social media). This is the perfect place for introverts to gain a sense of community without being overwhelmed by noise and unwanted information.

Regular Bonus Content

Crystal Wisdom

Worth £25

New & Full Moon Crystal Wisdom from our resident crystal expert Mandie Colvin.

Quarterly Cosmic Extra's

Worth £75

Get exciting bonus content four times a year. The next quarterly bonus drops in November! 

VIP Access & Exclusive Discounts

Be the first to know about new Magickal Creatrix releases, and get the Moon Portal Member discount. 

Get a value of £360 per month for just £21 or less

Choose from one of the affordable payment plans below. 

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Flexible Monthly Membership

  • Monthly Lunar Calendar
  • Weekly Lunar Forecast
  • Monthly Live Events
  • New Moon Guide & Workbook
  • Full Moon Guide and Workbook
  • Cosmic Community
  • Bonus - Crystal Wisdom
  • Bonus - Quarterly Cosmic Extras
  • Bonus - VIP Discounts
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per year

Subscribe and Save Annual Membership

  • £17 per month charged annually
  • Monthly Lunar Calendar
  • Weekly Lunar Forecast
  • Monthly Live Events
  • New Moon Guide & Workbook
  • Full Moon Guide and Workbook
  • Cosmic Community
  • Bonus - Crystal Wisdom
  • Bonus - Quarterly Cosmic Extras
  • Bonus - VIP Discounts

Want to take a look inside? 

Here's what it looks like inside the Moon Portal Membership

The Private Members Area

You get access to a scrummy online space where you can find everything you need.

Monthly Content

Each month you get a new content release which takes you on a journey through the cosmic energies.

Guides & Workbooks

The Moon guide, workbook and crystal wisdom support your personal growth journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What is the Moon Portal Online Membership?

It is an online membership that uses the cycles of the Moon to help you take charge of your health and wellbeing in a practical and useful way. With regular monthly content and a supportive community of like-minded souls, the Moon Portal shows you how to benefit from work with the Moon in the modern world.

Is the Moon Portal for me?

I believe everyone can witness profound transformations in their lives by tuning in to the energy of the Moon. The distinct life areas highlighted by each new and full Moon provide structure and guidance for your journey of self-discovery. and spiritual growth with a practical twist that makes sense in our busy hyper connected lives.

How is the Moon Portal content delivered?

Each month, you will receive members area updates, including video, podcast, PDF's and live events hosted on Zoom. There is also extra real time content shared within the private community space, away from social media distractions.

How much time do I need each month?

As little or as much as you have available. The great thing about the Moon Portal is that it is NOT a course to be completed from start to finish. Instead, you can dip in and out when you have the time. In our busy lives, I believe flexibility is important. 

What if it's not for me?

Don't worry, you're not tied into anything. All you need to do is turn off the auto-renewal inside your membership, and you won't be charged again. You will keep your access for the time you have paid for.

I'm new to all this Moon Stuff, is it suitable?

Absolutely! The Moon Portal meets you where you are right now. The purpose of working with the Moon is to develop and grow, which can be done at any level of understanding and experience.

Do I need to be part of the Community?

I completely understand that communities aren't for everyone, which is why the Moon Portal content can be enjoyed with or without community support. You don't need to attend the live events to explore the new and full Moon each month, as this is not essential to create a monthly lunar practice. However, the community is a safe space away from social media and distraction, which even the most introverted can explore and enjoy.