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Membership Features

These are the amazing membership features that we have for you.

Getting Started
Working with the New & Full Moon
Monthly Live Q&A

Join me for our live monthly Moon talk

New & Full Moon Guides

Packed full of lunar guidance specific to each new and full Moon

New & Full Moon Energy Forecast

Tarot & the Moon Reading for each new and full Moon

Private Members Area

Use the website or mobile app to view and download content

Private Community & Forum

Connect with myself and other lunar lovers

Inside the Moon Guides

The Moon guides serve as your journey through the lunar year, one new and full Moon at a time. Inside each guide, I take you through the energy, themes and internal explorations brought forward by the unique energy of each New and Full Moon. Every guide is different, helping you explore a new area of your life each month. 

  • Astrological Features 
  • Zodiac Exploration 
  • New & Full Moon Theme
  • Journaling Exploration 
  • Recommended Do's and Dont's 
  • Magickal Correspondences
  • Tarot Guidance
  • When to Work with the Energy
  • Ritual Guidance
  • Divination Tarot Spread
  • Inspiration Quotes and Affirmations

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