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The New Moon

How to Work with this Phase of the Lunar Cycle

Each phase of the Moon has different meanings and associations when it comes to working in flow with the cycle. In this article we’re going to look at how to work with the New Moon phase and its benefits.

When is the New Moon?

In astronomy, the New Moon is the first phase of the moon when the moon and the sun have the same elliptical longitude meaning that we can’t see it in the sky. This phase is between the waning phase from full moon and the waxing phase back to full moon again. 

What is the New Moon Good for?

Visibility: 0%
Duration: New Moon to 3.5 days after
Keywords: Beginnings, Planting Seeds, Future Dreams

Now is the time to plant the seeds for the things you wish to manifest during this moon cycle. What do you want to come into your life? Is this a time for study, applying for a new job or creating a spell to attract more money or opportunities to you?

This is the time where you can benefit from:

  • Making new plans
  • Starting new projects
  • Performing manifestation rituals
  • Journaling and getting clear
  • Giving yourself a tarot or oracle card reading
  • Looking to the future

Things to do on the New Moon?

This is the perfect time for manifesting and getting clear on your dreams of goals for the next moon cycle.

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