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Why I draw Mandalas when life gets tough

I don’t need to tell you that life can be stressful, do I? These day’s we’re all very aware that stress and its associated problems and symptoms are part of our everyday lives.

I don’t know how it happened, but there was a point we all got to where this became ‘normal’ to most of us, and we now crave ways to relax, detach, unplug and sleep better.

My ‘cravings’ for a calmer less stressful life opened up my inner creative. And if I had to get stressed all over again to unlock this side of myself, I would do it in a heartbeat. Maybe every cloud does have a silver lining after all.

I’ve tried all sorts of different things over the years from adult colouring books, origami, scrap-booking, mixed media art and even crochet. However, drawing Mandalas was the thing that really stuck for me. Why? Because it works!

What is a Mandala?

A Mandala has a lot of spiritual history and meaning. However, these days its become a generic term for circular geometric artwork with repeating patterns and symbolism.

The word Mandala is Sanskrit and in very loose terms translates to circle. But to me, they’re much more than just pieces of circular art. The central point represents my place in the universe and what spirals out around that central point expresses how I am feeling at the time of its creation. Each Mandala is unique which makes it all the more beautiful and I find creating them to be a sacred and meditative experience.

Why I create Mandalas

Creating a Mandala produces a sense of calm relaxation for me. My once busy and noisy mind becomes quiet and still. It allows me to meditate while active and a bit of contemplation and introspection occurs for me too.

If I feel creatively blocked, starting a Mandala can help to resolve the blockage. If I am feeling stressed out or anxious, Mandala art can reduce my negative emotions and allow me to take some time out.

I personally find Mandala art a vital part of my spiritual journey which is a big reason why I’m on a bit of a mission to introduce it to as many people as I can.

Anyone can create a Mandala, I promise. And you don’t necessarily have to create them from scratch either. Colouring exciting Mandala outlines will also give you the same benefits.

What do you need to get started?

There is no need to go out and buy lots of new art supplies to get started. Try working with what you’ve got at first and then experiment with new things when you feel like expanding on this.

To start with you would benefit from the following:

  • Compass
  • Pencil
  • Protractor
  • Ruler
  • Pens
  • Eraser
  • Colours pens, pencils or crayons
  • And paper

My biggest piece of advice is to relax and enjoy the process. Allow yourself to be completely free with it and you will benefit more from the experience.

Mandala Inspiration

I love looking at Mandala art on Instagram or Pinterest as it really inspires me to try new things.

Here’s a look at some of my own mandala art.

Learn to Create Mindful Mandala Art for Yourself

Do you feel inspired to give it a go yourself?

If so, I would love to guide you through your mandala journey.

My online course, How to Create Mindful Mandala Art, gives you everything you need to start creating beautiful artwork right away.

I firmly believe that EVERYONE can create mandala art with the right guidance, and that’s what you’ll find in this course.

The course consists of a members area where you will find video tutorials and inspiration on your journey. There is also a private Facebook Group where you can hangout with myself, and the other members of the programme. The group is an amazingly supportive and creatively inspiring space and I know you will love it in there.

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Find out more about my online course, the modules, benefits and read more reviews from other course members.

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Hi, I’m Sarah Cornforth and I'm a Creatrix of Magick.  I have never really considered myself creative or artistic as I'm too much of a perfectionist for that and I still find it hard to accept the word ‘artist’ as a title for myself. Initially creating art was a way of coping with the curveballs of life. When I draw, or paint or craft I feel calmer, my mind slows down to a pace I can cope with and life becomes easier. I also love working closely with the phases of the moon and the cycles of nature in everything I do as the benefits are huge. At the end of 2017 a dear friend nudged me in the direction of creating art to sell, and if it had been anyone else who encouraged me I would have thought they were mad. But this particular friend has a special gift. She can see the life purpose of others. So I listened and I took every piece of advice she had to give me.....and here I am, creating art, working with the Moon, teaching people how to heal through Mandala art, feeling happy and sharing what I love with the world. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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