Word of the Year 2020

Picking Your Word of the Year for 2020

I’ve been working with my Word of the Year and Word of the Month for a few years now and I absolutely love this process of connecting with a theme as I move through the year. 

I find picking a Word of the Year out of thin air a bit daunting which is why I use a chosen deck of tarot or oracle cards to support me. I love working with my cards in this way and I will show you how I do this for my 2020 word of the year further in this article. 

Using my Word of the Year Free Worksheet you can do this too. 

  • We begin by drawing a card and picking an overall word for the year ahead. 
  • Then we continue each month drawing a card for the month ahead. 

As I’ve done this before, I know that this activity is only beneficial if we come back to the worksheet to reflect and review often but as life gets in the way we often forget about this which is why I’ve set up some free resources to keep you on track…..and to keep me on track too!. 

Free Word of the Year Resources

I want to make working with your Word of the Year as easy as possible which is why I’ve set up these free resources for you.

  • The Word of the Year Worksheet 

You can grab your free worksheet by entering your details in the sign up box below.

Word of the Year Worksheet

Grab your Free Worksheet to help guide you through your personal theme for 2020.
Just enter your details in the box below

  • Request a monthly reminder email 

To help keep you on track I am sending out a monthly reminder email with support and guidance to make the most out of your Word of the Year. When you sign up for the Word of the Year Worksheet you will get an email with a link to request your monthly email reminder. 

  • Facebook Live Events 

Every 3 months I am hosting a live event on The Magickal Creatrix Facebook page to chat about the Word of the Year and Word of the Month and help you reconnect with your themes through journaling a deeper exploration. 

Event Dates: 

  • Tuesday 31st December @ 11 am GMTWatch the Replay
  • Tuesday 31st March @ 11 am GMT
  • Tuesday 30th June @ 11 am GMT
  • Tuesday 29th September @ 11 am GMT
  • Tuesday 29th December @ 11 am GMT 

Not in the UK Timezone? Then head over to the Time Zone Converter to convert for where you live in the world. Use 11 am London for the UK time. 

Get event notifications –  Head over to the event on my Facebook page to request an event reminder from Facebook nearer the time by clicking the link below. Make sure to click interested for each event.  

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry as the replay will be available to watch anytime and if you have already signed up for the Word of the Year Worksheet you will get an email with the replay link after the event. 

My Word of the Year

The Deck

I’ve decided to break out a new deck for my Word of the Year as it feels like the perfect choice. I’m using The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck.  

How did I choose which deck? In all honesty, it just felt right. I try to go with my gut as much as I can these days and the more I work with my intuition and instincts the stronger that muscle gets. This supports me in all areas of my life as a result. I said the words “which deck should I use?” in my head and The Archetypes deck was the very first thing to pop into my mind. 

Picking a Card

How you pick a card is up to you as it’s a personal process. I like to shuffle and take one from the top……..usually that is…….however the Archetypes deck is a large circular deck and I find shuffling a challenge so instead I spread them all out on my bed face down and shuffle them about until I finally pick a card that I am drawn to. 

Choosing my Word from the Card

The card I chose was The Mother

My instant thought was that this is the wrong card for me. 

Do you ever do this?

I am not a mother in the biological sense so this is an archetype I struggle to connect with. But therein lies the lesson……I’ve discovered some of the greatest rewards from working with the more challenging cards in a deck……….once I get past my own ego of course! 

It’s easy to dismiss a card such as this one as being ‘not relevant’ before giving it a chance, and this is something I used to do until I realised that my behaviour was a symptom of my avoidance of difficult themes. The more I work with rather than against the challenges the easier life flows for me. 

My word of the year is Nurture 

‘Nurture’ was a very strong theme for me when I reflected on The Mother card, but as other words came up too I wanted to explore how they fit into my theme for the year ahead and here’s what I came up with: 

Nurturing myself – I really feel that I am being encouraged to nurture myself by becoming the things that are important to me which are nature, the moon, art and magick, this involves going ‘all in’ and allowing these things to be as important to me as the air that I breathe to keep me alive. 

Nurture through Nature – By getting outside often I connect with the seasons, the cycles and the energy of the planet. The more time I spend hiking, biking and enjoying the wilderness the happier I am, and this then shows in everything I do when I create and teach.

As well as nurturing through nature it’s more important than ever to give back. Our planet needs our help and over the past year I’ve felt emotionally devastated on many occasions about the state the world is in. I want to up my game as far as being eco-friendly and become more consciously aware of my personal impact on the world around me in the hope that it will inspire others to do the same. 

Nurture through Magick – I have to admit to neglecting my witchy side over the past year and I’ve been craving a magickal outlet more and more as the year has gone by. I’ve struggled to find a supportive community to help me to grow in the way I want and that challenge has resulted in my neglect. Connecting with my inner witch is all about understanding the balance of the planet, people, nature and then nurturing that balance. To work with Magick in this way is important to me so I will take action to find my place and community in 2020. 

Nurture through Art – I started creating art as a way to heal and nurture myself so it’s no surprise that this is part of my Word of the Year exploration. As nature and magick have also come up for me I feel that my art is to take this direction in 2020. I often forget that my art doesn’t just nurture me during its creation but it nurtures and inspires others when I share my work too. Both the actions of creation and sharing are important. 

What is your Word of the Year? 

Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this article or come and join my FREE Facebook Group Moon and Craft and join the pinned post inside the Group. 

Check out my Word of the Month throughout the year by clicking the dropdown links below

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Have a wonderful 2020. 

Sarah xx

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Hi, I’m Sarah Cornforth and I'm a Creatrix of Magick.  I have never really considered myself creative or artistic as I'm too much of a perfectionist for that and I still find it hard to accept the word ‘artist’ as a title for myself. Initially creating art was a way of coping with the curveballs of life. When I draw, or paint or craft I feel calmer, my mind slows down to a pace I can cope with and life becomes easier. I also love working closely with the phases of the moon and the cycles of nature in everything I do as the benefits are huge. At the end of 2017 a dear friend nudged me in the direction of creating art to sell, and if it had been anyone else who encouraged me I would have thought they were mad. But this particular friend has a special gift. She can see the life purpose of others. So I listened and I took every piece of advice she had to give me.....and here I am, creating art, working with the Moon, teaching people how to heal through Mandala art, feeling happy and sharing what I love with the world. Thank you for joining me on this journey.


  • Suzie Harrison

    Thanks So Much , Dear Sarah ! Would Really Love To Follow Your Wonderful :Word Of The Year” Project ! Feeling Very Uplifted By This Idea ! Please Keep Me Posted , Via My E-Mail Address ! I Do Own A Few Tarot And Oracle Card Decks , And Shall Use My “Angel Messenger” Card Deck (By :- Doreen Virtue ) To Choose My Word For The Year Today ! Wishing You Everything Of The Very Best For 2020 !

    • Sarah Cornforth

      Thank you Suzi, I have added your email address to the Mailing list for the Word of the Year. If you check your email you should see a message asking for you to confirm that you want to receive it then your worksheet will be on it’s way to you. Enjoy choosing your Word of the Year. New Year Blessings Sarah xx

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