New Moon in Cancer
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Working with the New Moon in Cancer

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The New Moon is great for planting the seeds for the future and getting clear on what you want to manifest over the next moon cycle. You can find out more about working with the New Moon in Cancer energy in the article below. 

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Working with the New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer lands on Friday 12th July 2018.

Here are a list of the times for different time zones.

  • UK: 03.47
  • CET: 4.47
  • PT: 00:50
  • ET: 03.50
  • AWST 10:47
  • AEST 12.47
  • NZ: 14.47

This is also a Super New Moon, in fact, it’s the second out of three in a row. That’s some powerful energy build up right there…..and boy can we feel it already. In addition to that, it’s also a partial solar eclipse which is like plugging everything into a supercharged generator!

The theme of this New Moon is: Practice forgiveness and double up on yourself care.

  • Have you felt as though you need more time to recover from your days recently?
  • Are you more tired than usual?
  • Does everything feel heavy?
  • Is motivation missing?

Well, you’re not alone.

Cancer is also ruled by the moon which is causing emotions to be heightened even further at this time.

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What does the New Moon in Cancer mean for you?

There is an emotionally charged energy surrounding this New Moon and you may feel a bit overwhelmed, anxious or impatient. This is why increasing your self-care is vital.

Something I do on every New Moon and Full Moon is to give myself time off from my business. Usually, it’s half a day but sometimes it’s the whole day. This allows me to work with my rituals, reset into the new energy dynamic and think about my next steps. This is my version of lunar self-care. What’s yours?

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Working Deeper with the Cancer New Moon

In this month’s Moon Mail Monthly we take a close look at working with this New Moon phase.

We take a look at:

  • The New Moon energy
  • The Super New Moon influence
  • The Solar Eclipse
  • The influences of Cancer
  • Actions to consider during this time
  • Questions to ask or journal about

There is also a New Moon Manifestation Ritual to follow which will help you to set in motion your wishes for the next 6 months.

And, you get a Tarot and Oracle card spread specific to the self-care and healing energy of the Cancer New Moon.

To find out more and join for instant access to this content just click the image or link below.

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