Your Personal Guide to the Lunar Year 2022

In this personal guide to the lunar year of 2022, I share with you the main features of the year New and Full Moon of the year and how it impacts your life based on your natal chart.

This forecast provides you with the themes and guidance of the major lunar events of the year ahead, helping you navigate the themes based on your own birth chart. 

Every New & Full Moon falls under a different sign of the zodiac bringing with it a theme to explore. 

New & Full Moons of 2022 Report Website Images (2)
New & Full Moons of 2022 Report Website Images (3)

Each Moon then activates a personal life area in your birth chart, adding another level of exploration for you to dive into every month.

For each New & Full Moon of 2022, I share with you a forecast based on the house the Moon is triggering and the conversation the Moon is having with the other planets in your chart. 

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Inside your guide, you will get

All dates and times for the New & Full Moons will be specific to your time-zone for all 25 Moons of 2022. 

  • Your Birth Chart
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Symbol Identifyer
  • Energetic Themes
  • New & Full Moon Charts 
  • Monthly Personal Forecast

Ordering Options

Pay in full or by two monthly instalments. 

Important Note: 

Each guide comes in two parts. Part 1 is 91 pages consisting of the guide introduction and the Moons of January to June 2022. Part 2 of the guide is 78 pages, consisting of the Moons of June to December 2022.

Delivery Dates:

Part 1 of all report orders will be delivered before the end of 2021. Part 2 will be sent by the end of February 2022. 

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2 Payments

The option to pay in US Dollars can be made at the checkout

Sarah Cornforth

“Gaining a deeper understanding of my chart has greatly enriched my day to day experience”

Sarah Cornforth

“Learning about my moon sign has really helped me on my journey of self discovery.”

Sarah Cornforth

“I love everything about the moon, Sarah's knowledge is amazing and she friendly too making whatever she does a pleasure to be part of”