Yule Magick!

Your practical and creative guide to exploring Yule

Exploring Yule

What is Yule? 

Celebrated from the Winter Solstice on 21st December and lasting until New Year’s day, Yule is one of the eight festivals on the witches Wheel of the Year. Wiccans and Pagans celebrate the death of the Holly King and the birth of the Oak King

How to Explore Yule

Yule is a powerful time of rebirth and renewal happiness and love. By connecting with the energies through practical activities, creativity and personal exploration you can use this Magickal time for spiritual and personal growth and rebirth. 

What is Yule Magick?

Yule Magick is an online self-paced guide to working with the energies of Yule.

Inside your personal member’s area I show you how to;

Get Creative

  • Make your own Yule themes Witch-Ball decorations to attract happiness and prosperity

Start or Update Your Grimoire

  • Use my personal handwritten and hand-drawn Grimoire (Book of Shadows) pages to explore a history of Yule, connect with the Yule correspondences and the Wheel of the Year

Explore a Yule Tarot Reading

  • Dive deep into your personal theme of Yule with my exclusive hand-crafted Tarot and Oracle card spread

Bonus 1

  • Decorating a Yule Candle and Yule Candle Ritual

I fully believe that the Magick happens when we give ourselves the freedom to explore

Sarah Cornforth

Exploration comes in many forms and inside Yule Magick it’s about giving yourself permission to get a little creative and spiritual during the festive season!

When we spend time using our hands to make things or a pen and paper to write down messages from our spiritual side we are fully involved in the process of being spiritually creative.

Yule  Magick is your permission slip to explore the Magick of getting creative and diving deep into the theme of the festival from a personal point of view.

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Take a look below to see what’s inside in more detail

Yule Witch Ball Decorations

Leave a message for your ancestors inside this gorgeous little altar graveyard

I take you step by step through making witch-ball decorations for prosperity and happiness during the festive season. 

Inside the creative videos, I show you how to make:

  • Create witch-ball decorations
  • Use things from nature to decorate
  • Include items for prosperity and abundance
  • Add your Yule wishes to your decorations

My Handwritten & Hand Drawn Grimoire Pages

aka Book of Shadows

I have turned my handwritten and hand-drawn pages into PDF’s for you to print out and keep in your own book of shadows or use them to start your grimoire during the Season of Yule

A Quick History of Yule

Find out more about the history of Yule through the ages. 

The Wheel of the Year

Yule is one of the eight festivals on the Wheel of the Year. With this hand-drawn grimoire page, you will learn more about its place on the Wheel.

I also share some ideas for decorating your altar during this festival. 



Yule correspondences are items which have a supportive vibrational frequency during the Yule festival these can be used for decoration, spellwork, decorating your altar or ritual. In this handwritten guide, I share herbs, food & drink and deities of the season. 


Exclusive Tarot & Oracle Card Spread

Your Yule Reading

Yule Exploration

This spread takes you on a journey through the theme of Yule, helping you to dive deep into the energy and guidance available to you during this time of the Year. You can use either Tarot or Oracle cards for this spread. 

Bonus 1 

Yule Candle

Yule Candle Decoration

In this step by step tutorial, I show you how to decorate your Yule Candle ready to be lit each day over the festival of Yule. 

About Yule Magick….

Yule Magick is an online self-paced guide to getting creative and exploring the energies and vibe of the festival of Yule.

When you sign up you get instant access to the member’s area where you will find the videos and downloads to allow you to enjoy Yule in your own Magickal way.

You get lifetime access to the content inside the member’s area which means you can come back and enjoy it year after year.

Have we met?….

Let me introduce myself….I’m Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix 

A few years ago I decided that I needed to take my spiritual-creative journey seriously but, I had no idea where to start. 

So, I began with where my interests already were. I was fascinated by space, the Moon and the more Magickal way of life as well as creativity and art. 

As I continued on my journey I found the power of the Moon as a way to explore my past, present and future life. I also discovered mandala art and began using it as a tool to dive deeper into my inner world and I eventually found a connection between the lunar energies and the art I created. 

I explored this even further with art journaling which evolved into handwriting and drawing my own grimoire pages to support my magickal moon journey.

All of this has led me to this point where I can share Yule Magick with you. 

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